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How to Run a Quarterly Off-Site for Your Business (Ep510)

The number of day-to-day decisions you must make when running a business can be insurmountable. It's easy to let the creative team connection fall by the wayside.

And let's be honest, ZOOM meetings aren't the same as carving out time away from the distractions of the office with the key players of your team somewhere new where the creative juices can flow.

We've just returned from our team quarterly off-site, and today we're sharing our biggest takeaways from that experience with our listeners.

On this episode of STR Conversations, Eric and I are walking you through the BIG benefits of shutting off technology and being 100% present with your key team members. We'll share why time away from the day-to-day is vital to solving the biggest challenges in your business—no matter what size your organization is.

Listen in for a breakdown of what precisely an off-site is and a behind-the-scenes look at our Q3 off-site for Freewyld and Overnight Success.

We’ll offer you expert insight into how the BIG corporate teams, like Instagram, Facebook, and Google, evaluate their goals and share our biggest takeaways from our team off-site.

Plus, we'll share our discovery that we've been operating Freewyld as hectic hosts and the actionable steps we're taking in Q4 and beyond to change that.

If you are interested in an insider's look at the structured format we use for our off-sites, email us, and we'll get it right out to you.

Topics Covered

  • The difference in energy when the big players in a company gather to brainstorm ideas
  • The first thing to do during your off-site to get the creative juices flowing
  • Why shutting down technology is the key to solving the biggest challenges in your business
  • How 90-day vision planning impacts your goals
  • The most important part of the off-site (hint: it's not goal planning)
  • Why it's essential to take a step back from the emotional attachment to your goals
  • How do you evaluate your goals according to an expert who has run BIG corporate teams for companies like Instagram, Facebook, Google
  • How to develop a plan for the upcoming to ensure the success of your entire team
  • The BIG difference between making it like Elon Musk and struggling as a hectic host
  • Why shortcuts won't work for building a business (unless you do this)
  • How making a decision empowers action
  • The key difference between building an STR business and a hospitality brand


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