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How to Scale Your Airbnb Business by Being the #1 Expert in Your Market (Ep525)

The internet is vast, with more and more social channels popping up and more people jumping into the short-term rental space.

Getting the right eyes on your Airbnb properties for more bookings can take time and effort.

So how can you get your properties to stand out in the field?

By becoming the #1 expert in your market.

Dave Cordner is the owner of Central Belfast Apartments in Ireland. Dave got his start in the Short-Term rental space back in 2007, working with his parents. He purchased his own property in 2014 and has grown to over 60 properties. Dave has become an expert in his market by sharing great content through his blog and videos and coaching others in the short-term rental space. You can find his content on his blog, TikTok, and his YouTube channel.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Dave joins me to discuss how he's used his passion for Belfast tourism to become the go-to expert in his market.

He'll walk us through how providing his guests with a more exciting stay experience garners him better reviews for his properties and more bookings.

Listen in as Dave shares the traditional marketing tactics he used when he started in the short-term rental business (before Airbnb was even created), how some of them are making a comeback, and how he's using his video content to be seen on every channel.

Topics Covered

  • Dave's story of starting in the STR industry before Airbnb existed
  • The power of old-school marketing techniques in a social driven marketplace
  • Dave's key advice for gaining credibility in the hospitality industry
  • How to promote your listings outside of Airbnb
  • The power of being consistent in content creation
  • How to use video to stand out from your competitors
  • The most important thing for creating good content
  • The five-star fundamentals to becoming successful in your STR business
  • Dave’s advice for a successful start in your STR journey

Connect with Dave Cordner

Central Belfast Apartments

Dave's YouTube Channel

Dave Cordner (@airbnbcoach) TikTok

Central Belfast Apartments 🧳 (@centralbelfast) TikTok


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