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“As soon as they book, I do a quick video. I thank them for staying with me, and then I say, ‘I want you to relax; we're going to take really great care of you.' That's a really powerful message for someone who feels a lot of pressure to make their vacation spectacular,”—Rose Tipka of Your Family's Place

If you want to create a big brand identity as a small operator, you need to dig in and determine who you are and exactly who you want to serve.

So how can you niche down and get specific about your guest avatar?

One way is to determine a need you have that isn't being served and then fill that. That's what my guest today did.

Rose Tipka of Your Family's Place offers multi-generational spaces designed to provide their guests with stress-free, nostalgic family vacations. Rose and her family launched their business after discovering how difficult it was to find the perfect getaway for their own large family. They currently operate 3 properties, including Mount Pleasant Lodge, designed to offer guests of all ages a chance to reconnect and experience that summer camp feeling you had as a kid.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Rose joins me to share the story of her husband's bold move while she was pregnant with their fifth child that helped them pivot into an industry they are passionate about, and launch a brand that helps other large multi-generational families enjoy the types of vacations they want to have.

We discuss how they established a flourishing brand identity built on creating family-friendly spaces, with special touches that take the stress out of large group travel to ensure every customer will be a repeat customer.

Listen in as Rose walks through the steps she took to home in on what their brand is and isn't and how that has helped them scale to launch their first million-dollar property while building a legacy brand for the future.

Topics Covered

  • Rose shares the story of how her husband bought their first property behind her back while she was pregnant and launched their STR journey
  • How Mark Simpson inspired the idea behind the Your Family's Place brand-name
  • Why being your own guest avatar is the #1 way to understand the needs of your guests
  • Why flexibility is the key to serving large families in the STR industry long-term
  • How to create family-friendly properties that evoke nostalgia
  • What to pack into your properties to make them family-friendly, and stress-free for your guests
  • Why Rose recommends working with professionals in all aspects of your STR business
  • How Rose is using video to add a personal touch and form a personal connection with her guests before they arrive
  • Why determining what your brand is and isn’t is equally important
  • The most important thing they did when establishing the Your Family's Place brand
  • The unique way Rose is thanking her top grossing guests

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