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How You Can be Part of the Overnight Success Team (Ep477)

No matter the size, all business owners have the same challenges, just on a different scale.

And hiring is one of the biggest challenges any leader can take on in their business. When Eric and I started hiring, we looked for one thing, somebody with the skills to complete a task. Since then, we've evolved in our business and how we seek to fill the roles on our team.

On this edition of STR Conversations, Eric and I walk you through the 4 biggest lessons we've learned about finding the right team members.

We discuss where to start the hiring process and the tools you can use to scope out the competition so you can be sure you are hiring snipers instead of generalists. Plus, we'll share an insider tip on how to attract and hire A-Players, no matter the size of your business.

Listen in for a look at our specialized application funnel and how we measure the success of our team members. Plus, we share the most valuable tips we've gathered from the experts on finding the people who understand your vision and who will be a part of your team for the long haul.

Would you like to be part of the Overnight Success Team? We are Hiring! We're seeking a Digital Content Manager and an Enrollment Specialist.

Know someone who would be a good fit? We're now offering a hiring referral bonus, so be sure to forward this to those A-Players in your network and be sure they tell us you sent them.

Topics Covered

  • How hiring evolves within a company as the company grows
  • The BIG difference between busy team members and those who move the needle
  • How to develop the skills that will help you cut through the BS and discover someone's true character
  • Why hiring slow and firing fast is actually a win-win for all parties involved
  • How to use Glassdoor and Upwork to scope out both the talent and the competition
  • How to use a referral program to invest in your network and find top talent
  • How to incentivize the best talent to join your company even when you can't afford them (YET)
  • Our key piece of advice to alleviate the fear of hiring A-players
  • Why sharing MORE details about your company vision is the biggest key to successful hires


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