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Industry Update – AirDNA, Placemakr, and Transparent Acquisitions (Ep456)

On the last episode of STR Conversations, Eric and I spoke about why we gave our team a budget to book a unique stay on Airbnb. Now we’re back to tell you how it went.

On this edition of STR Conversations, Eric and I recap our unique stays at Airbnbs over the weekend and discuss some of the biggest shifts in the STR (short-term rental) industry, especially in the Covid pandemic era.

We cover current events in the industry, including OTA Insight’s acquisition of Transparent, Alpine Investors' acquisition of AirDNA, and WhyHotel’s recent venture capital raise and rebrand to Placemakr.

We share our thoughts on WhyHotel’s unique business model and why AirDNA is the go-to data company in the STR space.

Listen in to learn more about how the STR industry is growing and why it’s the best place to be.

Topics Covered

Eric’s experience staying at a boat Airbnb in San Diego

My time staying at an Airbnb in the mountains in Panama

How the offerings at an Airbnb, like amenities and a good view, can drastically change the price per night

OTA Insight’s acquisition of STR data company, Transparent

Private equity firm Alpine Investors’ acquisition of AirDNA

WhyHotel rebrands as Placemakr and raises $90 million in venture capital funding

How Placemakr uses their business model to control the challenges with having long-term residents and short-term rentals in the same urban buildings

The emergence of short-term and medium-term rentals creating space for hybrid business models within rental management companies

Why the “trend is your friend” and STR markets will continue to trend up in the coming years

The lifting of many Covid-19 restrictions and what that could mean for the STR industry


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Alpine Investors acquires AirDNA to enhance data solutions

OTA Insights Announces Acquisition of Transparent

WhyHotel Rebrands as Placemakr, Announces over $90M in Equity Investment