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EP225: Interior Design Tips for Airbnb Hosts

As Airbnb gets more and more competitive, hosts need to stand out from the crowd. And having an attractive interior design with a few stand-out pieces is one way to make your property distinct, attracting guests who connect with your particular design aesthetic.

Kendall Simmons is an interior designer out of Nashville. Kendall has ten-plus years of experience in the industry, and she believes that a beautiful space can increase your quality of life. She and her husband recently added Airbnb hosting to their repertoire, and their stylish, well-appointed property has been profitable since Day One.

Today Kendall explains how The House Punch website gives her Airbnb an edge in the competitive Nashville market. She walks us through the basics of developing a vision for your Airbnb that incorporates your personal style and utilizes the things you already own! Listen in for Kendall’s insight on color and learn how to choose a few dramatic, high-end pieces that stand out—without going over budget.

Topics Covered

Kendall’s background

  • Ten years’ experience as designer
  • Owns business with husband
  • Recently started hosting on Airbnb

The House Punch website

  • Provides consistent branding, gives edge over competition
  • Place for prospective guests to learn more prior to booking
  • Includes guest book, travel guide and video tour

The profitability of Kendall’s Airbnb

  • Located in lucrative Nashville market
  • Broke even first month, turned profit ever since
  • Booked every weekend but one through May

How to choose a clear vision for your Airbnb

  • Start with your own personal style, personality
  • Make things you already own part of design (i.e.: books, records)

Kendall’s insight around COLOR

  • Choose neutral paint for main living areas
  • Take risks with color/pattern in secondary spaces
  • ‘The smaller the item, the crazier you can go on color’
  • Avoid reds, oranges and yellows
  • Make use of blues, greens and purples

Kendall’s general interior design tips

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Buy art YOU want to look at every day
  • Mix high and low, price and quality
  • Invest in three or four signature pieces
  • Have a good time, embrace whimsy

Kendall’s take on quotes on the wall

  • Can be sophisticated if executed well
  • Likes graphic, printed posters
  • Don’t use peel-and-stick decals
  • Choose meaningful quote that strikes you

The services Kendall offers through her website

  • eDesign projects
  • 20% discount for GPFYP listeners

Connect with Kendall

The House Punch

The House Punch on Instagram

Kendall’s Website

Kendall on Instagram



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