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International Travel Ban to US Will Be Lifted in November (Ep410)

On Monday, September 20, the US government announced that it is lifting its Covid-related ban on international travel starting in November.

The new rules allow entry for vaccinated visitors from the EU, India, China and 30 other countries deemed high-risk back in March of 2020 when the ban went into effect.

So, what does this mean for you and your Airbnb business?

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Eric and I discuss the details of the March 2020 travel ban and describe how lifting it is likely to impact the US short-term rental market. 

We look at the AirDNA report comparing STR demand in August of 2019 with August of 2021, exploring why domestic travel compensated for the loss of foreign tourists in North America—but not Europe.

Listen in for insight on the increasing demand for unique Airbnb stays and larger properties and find out what recovering lead times means for your hosting business!

Topics Covered

The travel ban that went into effect in March 2020

  • Travelers from EU, China and other high-risk countries
  • Cannot enter US if from/touch ground in last 2 weeks

How the rules are changing in early November

  • Ban lifted for vaccinated travelers
  • Must also have negative COVID test

Why we predict a spike in travel to the US once the ban lifts

  • EU and China huge market for Airbnb hosts in US
  • Urban areas likely to benefit most

AirDNA’s stats comparing STR demand in August 2019 vs. 2021

  • North America down just 2%, Europe down 25%
  • Easier to drive through states vs. countries

The increasing demand for unique short-term rental stays

  • Up 31% in France over last 2 years
  • Farm stays, tiny homes and castles most popular

Why larger properties are recovering better than small ones

  • Travelers bring friends/family, create own experience
  • Opportunity to relax and disconnect from chaos

What recovering lead times mean for Airbnb hosts

  • Back up to 60 days in many markets
  • Shift in pricing strategy, increase in general demand


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