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Into the Weeds of the Operations of an Airbnb Business, Part I—with David Golshan (Ep420)

If you manage Airbnb listings remotely, operations can be a real challenge.

When you can’t be there to supervise, how do you maintain quality control? How do you make sure that your cleaners and maintenance workers are meeting expectations?

David Golshan is the entrepreneur and real estate investor behind StayWithDave, a short-term rental business with properties in Los Angeles, Orange County and the Smoky Mountains.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Dave asks me questions about the operations of his Airbnb business, describing how hard it is to find contractors he can count on when unexpected issues arise.

I offer advice on managing operations remotely, explaining how to hold cleaners and maintenance workers accountable and incentivize them to do a good job.

Listen in for insight on putting systems in place to prevent operations issues and learn how to hustle to find good team members for your short-term rental business—despite the current labor shortage!

Topics Covered

The ins and outs of Dave’s Airbnb business

  • Listings in LA, Orange County & Smoky Mountains
  • Transition from arbitrage to management model

How to manage operations remotely

  • Hire cleaner or cohost who’s invested in your vision
  • Develop systems to prevent issues

How to hold STR team members accountable

  • Job score card for everyone who works with you
  • Offer financial reward for achieving KPIs

Sample key performance indicators for STR cleaners

  • Airbnb ratings
  • Consistency

Sample KPIs for short-term rental maintenance staff

  • No guest complaints about things not working
  • Show up within certain amount of time

Why it’s crucial to develop KPIs for contractors

  • Align incentives with team members
  • Incentivize to do good job

How to find maintenance workers and cleaners

  • Online platforms may not work in labor shortage
  • Stay in area and build relationships in person

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