Investing in Airbnb in Ivory Coast (Ep246)

Investing in Airbnb in Ivory Coast (Ep246)

Investing in Airbnb in Ivory Coast

As Airbnb continue to fight stricter regulations in many major cities across the globe, many would-be hosts are looking at new opportunities to invest and host abroad. The Ivory Coast has increased in popularity, seeing its annual visitor numbers rise steadily in recent years with holidaymakers due to its golden beaches, fading French colonial heritage and traditional Senufo cultural experiences.

Martin Sjögren is a Swedish-Italian who saw an opportunity back in 2007 while working and living in Europe, and bought a house in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast as his wife is from there. Some years ago that house started generating significant income, so he and his wife decided to buy another one. In 2016, he bought a larger house in Abidjan (5 guest bedrooms guests + 2 staff bedrooms) and all rooms are consistently fully booked.

Topics that we discuss include:

*How to deal with an Airbnb in an area where streets have no names
*Weak rule of law and scams to be aware of in the Ivory Coast
*The benefits of investing in a country where Airbnb is not yet regulated
*How the Ivory Coast is changing, its fast economic growth, and urbanisation
*Other businesses Martin attempted in the Ivory Coast
*How to buy and invest in property in the Ivory Coast and potential returns on investment
*The recent history of the Ivory Coast and a harrowing story of Martin's wife narrowly escaping death squads
*The impact of having no rail based public transport in a large city

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