EP095: Recent Airbnb updates and developments with John Bower

Airbnb developments with John Bower

EP095: Recent Airbnb updates and developments with John Bower

It's no secret that governments across the world are creating and enforcing laws that are having an enormous impact on Airbnb hosts.

On this week's episode Jasper welcomes John Bower, who is the Growth Leader at Pearlshare. John and Jasper discuss the laws and law enforcement impacting hosting as well as the newest innovations by Airbnb, which are expanding the role of Airbnb hosts and creating a richer experience for guests.

Pearlshare is a website that “Let's you easily find, save and share unforgettable places.” Find out more on their website: www.pearlshare.com

Some of the topics covered

  • How rules, regulations, and enforcement is impacting the hosting business
  • New features being tested on Airbnb
    • Guest to host matching algorithms
    • New tagging feature
  • The expanded role of a Airbnb host

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  1. Eric says:

    I really enjoyed the new format. I appreciate that you guys summarized the new developments with AirBnB. I don’t always have time to read all the blogs and articles. I hope you keep doing it.

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