Lead Generation for STR Property Managers (EP 299)

Lead Generation for STR Property Managers (EP 299)

If you’re an Airbnb entrepreneur looking to start or scale a property management business, you need leads! So, what is the best way to find property owners who might be interested in the STR model?

Randy Zimnoch is the cofounder and broker-owner of Realty National, an investor-friendly, boutique-style brokerage based in San Diego, California. With more than 13 years of experience in real estate, Randy has flipped 250-plus houses, and his team of agents has done 1,600 transactions since Realty National launched in 2011. His impressive resume also includes seven years as the Acquisition and Sales Director for CT Homes, a residential re-development company featured on A&E’s Flip This House.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Randy joins me to explain how STR property managers and real estate agents can work together to grow their businesses. He discusses how to provide value for realtors through education, revenue projections and cross-promotional opportunities and offers advice on where to go to start building relationships with agents. Listen in for Randy’s insight around fostering an abundance mindset and learn several strategies for generating lead flow for your property management business!

Topics Covered

Randy’s background and experience in real estate

  • License to connect with agents as flipper
  • Runs small boutique-style brokerage

How STR hosts and agents can benefit each other

  • Agents have direct access to property owners
  • Knowledge of STR makes agent stand out

How property managers can provide value for realtors

  • Educate around STR industry
  • Revenue projection reports with AirDNA
  • Cross-promotion opportunities

Where to start building relationships with realtors

  • Practice script on agents at Open Houses
  • Reach out to brokers, speak at team meeting

Randy’s approach to nurturing agent relationships

  • Stay in front of database on regular basis
  • Overdeliver (i.e.: gift basket for referrals)

Randy’s insight around having an abundance mindset

  • Provide value to attract opportunities
  • Find + serve people who relate to you

Other strategies for generating lead flow

  • Network with investor community
  • Build real estate club with STR focus

Connect with Randy

Realty National

Randy on LinkedIn


STR Profit Academy

VRMA Conference 2019

Eric Moeller

Fortune Builders

CT Homes


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  1. Jasper, there are foreign national mortgages available to you here in the US

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