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Legends X Class 4 Enrollment is OPEN (Ep491)

Most STR hosts start the same way, by hosting their own home or renting out an extra bedroom.

But there are 5 stages in the hosting journey.

So, how do you get from owning just one rental to growing as an entrepreneur and scaling your STR business into a successful 2 million dollar a year company?

On this episode of STR conversations, Eric and I share that Legends X Class 4 Enrollment is now open. We'll walk you through some of the challenges the program solves for hectic hosts, and we announce the 7 figure coaches that will be participating in this round.

We'll walk you through the Vision, Operations, Scale (VOS) system and how it has impacted the lives and the futures of the 127 companies that have already gone through the program.

Listen in to learn about the power of getting off the ‘lonely hosting island' where you're trying to figure things out on your own and into a program that can help you solve your STR hosting challenges surrounded by coaching support and community.

We're looking for the right people to join the program. If you're interested, apply now for the Legends X STR Accelerator.

Topics Covered

  • How to determine where you are in the 5 stages of STR hosting
  • The stage of hosting where most STR entrepreneurs get stuck
  • Why it's harder to be successful as an entrepreneur than it is to have a corporate job
  • How implementing the VOS system can help you scale more quickly
  • The most important part of the VOS system
  • The biggest impact STR entrepreneurs have gained from our previous Legends X courses
  • The power of having a community support your entrepreneurial journey
  • Why Legends X can help any entrepreneur in any industry
  • The #1 reason to join Legends X if you're currently a hectic host


Legends X Class 4 Enrollment

From Hectic Host to Legend in Less Than 1 Year

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