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Leverage Airbnb’s to Create Positive Change in Our Communities (Ep464)

We can all agree we need to conserve energy to save money as heating costs soar out of control.

But how can we do that while also impacting the environment, the climate, and our future?

Becoming an Airbnb host was the last thing photographer and science writer Nathan Welton saw himself doing. He got into the business by accident, with his first review being a one-star. Even so, he suddenly found himself booked months in advance, reinvesting every dime he made into his properties before moving into starting a management company.

Nathan Welton is the owner of The Wolf Rentals, a vacation rental management company born from a need for quality, hands-on cooperative vacation rental management in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado. The Wolf Rentals officially launched in 2020, quickly scaling to 25 properties within a year.

Now Nathan is thinking bigger by stepping into the development side of things to create a custom-built Airbnb community focused on people, the planet, and prosperity.

Nathan says, “You know, the world is changing. And we're kind of in a critical place right now. And you know, we got to do something about it … to make the world a better place. There's something special about Airbnb because you can scale an idea, and you can impact a ton of people, and you can impact people who are traveling.”

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Nathan joins me to share his vision for his custom a-frame Airbnb community and his hopes to drive change through Airbnb.

Listen in for Nathan’s insight on how we can spread change in how we think about our natural resources, our climate, and our future while giving back as much as possible and changing lives. 

Topics Covered

●     How Nathan’s history as a science writer affects his vision of his Airbnb business

●     What triple bottom line means and how it shifts the focus away from the profit only business model

●     How we can use small positive changes to help people make better decisions

●     How Nathan is using biophilic design concepts in his Airbnb community to improve lives

●     How passive housing design can reduce the cost of living for lower-income families

●     How AI technology can ‌heighten awareness about the energy we use

●     What feeding a woodstove taught Nathan about the consequence of energy use

●     How bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside can shift people's mindsets

●     What led Nathan to the place where he is now and what prosperity means for him

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