How to Leverage Experiential Design to Stand Out on Airbnb—with Kate Shaw & Betsy Moyer (Ep403)

How to Leverage Experiential Design to Stand Out on Airbnb—with Kate Shaw & Betsy Moyer (Ep403)

So, you’re an Airbnb host in a saturated market. The investment blogs said it would be easy to build a thriving short-term rental business in your area, but you've got a lot of competition.

How do you stand out? Can you use design to create a guest experience that sets you apart?

Kate Shaw and Betsy Moyer are the cofounders of Retreat Experiential Design, an all-in-one Airbnb experiential design firm that transforms Airbnb properties into true retreats. Betsy is also the creator of the home décor and interior design brand, The Estate of Things, and Kate is an Airbnb Superhost with a portfolio of 10 units near Joshua Tree National Park.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Kate and Betsy join me to share the fundamentals of experiential design, explaining how they identify the unique value proposition of a new property and design with the with guest in mind.

They discuss how to succeed in a saturated market like Joshua Tree and offer advice on creating a win-win between Airbnb hosts and the local community.

Listen in for insight on creating a unique guest experience on a budget and learn to leverage experiential design to stand out on Airbnb!

Topics Covered

How Kate & Betsy define experiential design

  • Design as if hosting in own home
  • Utilize every inch of property

How Kate & Betsy approach a new property

  • Identify unique value prop of space
  • Consider guest trying to attract

How to save money on experiential design

  • Leverage local artisans and artists
  • Use thrift store + Craigslist finds

How to succeed in a saturated market

  • Create unique experience
  • Consider visitor demographics

How to create a win-win with the local community

  • Provide jobs to locals, pay living wage
  • Encourage investors to build vs. buy

Kate’s top tips for aspiring Airbnb hosts

  • Focus on guest experience/happiness
  • Act as if hosting friends and family

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