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Leverage Leadership and Culture to Scale Your Airbnb Business (Ep485)

If you're trying to build a business, you must lead other people. If you're not leading people, you just have a job.

When starting out, entrepreneurs often show up with ego, fear, and concern and try to control every situation. But that doesn't solve problems. Your ego might get a win, but you're not actually getting closer to your end goal.

So, what is leadership, really? And how can you become a better leader for your team?

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Eric and I explain why leadership is the number one skill set you need to learn to grow your business.

We'll share the difference between leaders and managers and how great leadership inspires teams to work together toward a primary goal, setting the tone for the organization's culture.

We discuss unconscious ways you might be affecting your culture and your business in a negative way and share some resources that will help you become a better leader for your team.

Listen in to understand why it's critical to build your leadership skills to grow something bigger than yourself. Plus, why leadership skills are transferable to every aspect of your life!

Topics Covered

  • 3 ways becoming a better leader will help you fulfill your business goals
  • How to look at your team through the lens of a leader
  • What is the pizza concept for leadership
  • Solve problems vs. telling people what to do
  • The 4 main elements of great leadership
  • What does it mean to take radical responsibility
  • The ‘90 Second rule’ for overcoming your emotions
  • Why it's essential to set the standard for the future leaders on your team
  • How to set the tone and communicate the culture of your organization


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