Leveraging Airbnbs for Your Real Estate Business -with Cynthia Tant (Ep399)

Leveraging Airbnbs for Your Real Estate Business -with Cynthia Tant (Ep399)

Not only is airbnb used for vacation rentals, many use airbnb to get a better feel of a city when looking into buying or investing there.

What if you could gain real estate clients from an airbnb property that is already bringing you in residual income?

Cynthia Tant is a real estate agent and broker out of Pensacola, Florida who owns 3 businesses that all work together cohesively. She started investing 30 years ago, becoming a real estate agent 10 years after and has been a broker for the past 11 years. 

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Cynthia joins me to explain how she combines and leverages her real estate business, long term rental business and short term rental business to all feed into each other.

She provides insight on the disadvantages and advantages between long term and short term rentals, and what she’s learned through her years of experience.

Listin in for insight on leveraging airbnbs to boost your real estate business and success, and get her advice on how she continuously works to improve her businesses.

Topics Covered

The background of Cynthia’s businesses

  • Had a realtor who was an investor 
  • Got started with multi families and historical homes
  • Saw a need for property management from a long term perspective

How Cynthia manages to run 3 businesses

  • Is getting better systems in place from Legend X
  • Planning to make them work well on their own to be able to eventually be able to retire

How the free companies work to feed off of each other

  • Airbnb customers feed into the real estate business
  • Provides a digital guide book in each unit that sparks an interest

The importance Cynthia finds in prioritizing masterminds

  • Enjoys having a structured educating environment 
  • Uses masterminds to build structure in her businesses and for sales
  • Is looking to build her businesses to have the value to sell in the future

Long term vs short term rentals

  • Has converted all of her long term to short term rentals
  • Manages people in long term rentals and works to convert them
  • Prioritizes short term rentals for herself with the goal to retire

Connect with Cynthia

Gulf Coast BnB Rentals

Gulf Coast Experts

Co Author of The Ultimate Guide to selling your home

Email cindy@move2fla.com


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