How To List On Kopa, The Airbnb For Mid-term Rentals (Ep. 334)

How To List On Kopa, The Airbnb For Mid-term Rentals (Ep. 334)

Today we're talking to Jack Forbes, the CEO and Co-Founder of Kopa. Between OTAs offering 1-to-30 day rentals and long-term rentals, Jack saw a need for something in between: 4-6 month stays. After trying Craigslist, Facebook marketplace and even Airbnb, and discovering none were suitable platforms for mid-term rentals, Jack built Kopa, a platform for mid-term rentals.

Topics covered

In this episode, we cover:

✅ How to sign up

✅ Setting up your listing

✅ How to get your first mid-term rentals bookings

✅ How to track viewers and attract ideal guests

✅ PMS integrations

✅ Tapping into the demand for mid-term rentals

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Click here to sign-up for Kopa and get a $30 credit for a surprise restaurant in your neighborhood!

Kopa is currently only active in the US, if you're located in another country you can add yourself to the wait list and be notified when Kopa is available in your market.

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