Living Like a Short-Term Rental King in Paradise (Ep461)

Living Like a Short-Term Rental King in Paradise (Ep461)

We talk a lot about growing short-term rental (STR) companies. But what happens when we grow our businesses quicker than we anticipate?

Six years ago, Alex Cybul had no Airbnb experience, decided to get into the STR industry, and quickly grew his business,

Today, Alex manages over 100 units.

On this episode of Get Paid For Your Pad, Alex joins me to discuss how he got his start renting out Airbnbs in Aruba and how he managed to grow his business quickly over six years.

He shares insights on what he would do differently if he had the chance, how he structures his team to manage his properties successfully, and why he recommends dynamic pricing to all STR managers.

Listen in to learn more about the importance of leading people to successfully grow STR your business.

Topics Covered

Background on Aruba and why it is a great place to both vacation and own short-term rentals

How Alex got his start renting out Airbnbs and STRs

How Alex went from having no experience with Airbnb to managing over 100 units in six years

The structure of Alex’s current team and his perspectives on how to build effective teams to manage STRs

Why Alex wishes he would have hired an Operations Manager earlier in his business’ growth stage

Why Alex’s end goal is to be able to run STRs as a hobby as long as he feels satisfied and happy

The challenges Alex faced while growing his business and the turning points that helped him achieve that growth

What Alex has learned about the difficulties of leading people and large teams

Alex’s laundry practices and how he manages bulk ordering for cleaners

Why Alex recommends dynamic pricing to all STR managers and owners and how to determine rates for your properties

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