Luggage Storage for Airbnb Guests with Knock Knock City (Ep251)

Luggage Storage for Airbnb Guests with Knock Knock City (Ep251)

Luggage Storage for Airbnb Guests with Knock Knock City

Airbnb guests often want to check-in early or check-out late. If that's not possible, they often ask if they can at least store their luggage. Although you want to accommodate your guests as well as you can, this can interfer with other guests checking in and your cleaning schedule. So what do you do? You don't want to say no without providing an alternative solution.

That's where Knock Knock City comes in. They provide a luggage storage solution for Airbnb guests in New York, San Francisco and Boston. The storage locations are local cafes and bars. Your guests can store their luggage for as little as $2 per hour per bag.

If you send your guests to your favorite local coffee shop, they will not only have the opportunity to store their bags, but they also get a chance to experience your city like you do yourself. Plus, you're sending local businesses additional customers. It's a win for everyone.

In this podcast episode I chat with Nikolaos Georgantas, Co-founder of Knock Knock City, and Brandon McKenzie, COO and Founder of Metro Butler, the leading short term rental management company in New York. Brandon is an enthusiastic user of Knock Knock City and he explains how the service helps his Airbnb business.

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