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How to Maintain Outstanding Hospitality While Scaling to 80+ Units (Ep 292)

“I vowed to change the company’s vision … from putting roofs over people’s heads to creating memories and stirring emotions.”

It is easy to build relationships with guests when you have a small number of listings, and you can be there in person to check them in. But how do you keep that connection as you scale up to 50 units or more? What can you do to show people you care and maintain superior hospitality as your business grows?

Steve Patterson is the President of UrHomeInPhilly, a short-term rental property management company based in Philadelphia, PA. UrHip is ranked #1 in customer experience on Google and was voted best place to stay in Philadelphia by Sweet Retreats. Steve is passionate about helping his guests create memories, and he has maintained Superhost status—even as his business has grown to 80-plus units.

Today, Steve joins us to explain how he differentiates his STR business with outstanding service. He shares his struggle to achieve Superhost status, discussing what he learned at the Airbnb conference that improved his reviews. Listen in for Steve’s tips on building relationships with guests, even when you can’t be there to meet them in person, and learn what tech tools he uses to maintain exceptional hospitality while his business continues to grow!

Topics Covered

How Steve got into Airbnb

  • Wanted to move to suburbs but locked into lease
  • Use STR as strategy to not lose money

Steve’s experience at the Airbnb conference

  • Wanted to learn to be Superhost
  • Speakers inspired to use CARE as catalyst

How Steve differentiates himself with service

  • Creating memories + stirring emotions
  • Personalize stays around reason for travel

How to build relationships when you can’t meet guests

  • Demonstrate care (e.g.: balloon for birthday)
  • Online tools to communicate through video

Steve’s insight around creating a high-level of service

  • Only as good as team on ground
  • Learn about guest, find things in common

How Steve scaled his STR business to 80+ units

  • Standardize as much as possible (e.g.: flatware)
  • Find reliable technology partners
  • Hire virtual team to help

Steve’s top takeaways from STR Legends Live

  • Leverage processes to work fewer hours/week
  • Don’t be in rush to buy property (winter coming)

Connect with Steve


Steven on LinkedIn

UrHip on Facebook


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