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EP221: Manage Your Airbnb Listings on Your Mobile Phone with Your Porter App

Most people choose professional short-term rental hosting for the freedom—to work when and where you please, on your own terms. But that freedom is limited somewhat by the necessity of dragging a laptop wherever you go. What if there was a tool that would allow you to manage multiple listings remotely from your smartphone? No laptop necessary?

Erinç Arık is the co-founder of Your Porter, the only mobile-first app for professional Airbnb hosts with multiple listings. Your Porter allows hosts to send automated messages, respond to initial guest inquiries, and assign tasks to teammates—linking all of your listings on a single dashboard.  Erinç is also an Airbnb host himself, with six years of experience and 750 reviews.

Today Erinç shares his Airbnb hosting journey, explaining how he went from one to 11 listings in just a year. He discusses how the Your Porter app was born out of a desire to automate his own Airbnb business and its unique messaging, task assignment, and flight tracking features. Erinç also speaks to Your Porter’s ability to merge several accounts to a single dashboard as well as the free Airbnb Rankings Report available to hosts through his site. Listen in for Erinç’s insight around managing your business on-the-go and learn how to get a special GPFYP discount on your first Your Porter subscription!

Topics Covered

How Erinç got into Airbnb hosting

  • Wanted to move, but still under contract
  • Listed first property on Airbnb to cover rent
  • Started renting, renovating apartments
  • 11 listings within first year

How Erin­ç approached his landlords

  • Informed of intent to list on Airbnb
  • Developed good reputation

The regulations around short-term rentals in Istanbul

  • Legal gray area, no issues so far

The origin of the Your Porter app

  • Erinç tired of sending same emails, notifications
  • Built app to automate repetitive tasks
  • Erinç is web developer, partner develops mobile apps

The unique benefits of the Your Porter app

  • Manage listings on-the-go
  • All functions mobile (once account set up)
  • Track guest flight, app informs if delay

The Your Porter messaging feature

  • Automated Airbnb messages, emails, texts or WhatsApp messages
  • Customizable, can set time of delivery
  • Auto inquiry response tool

How Your Porter assigns team tasks

  • Coordinate cleaners through automated messaging
  • Staff receives email re: check-in/out, # of guests
  • Host receives push notification when task complete

How Your Porter prevents double bookings

  • Multiple accounts merged on single dashboard
  • Supports most vacation rental platforms

The Your Porter Airbnb Rankings Report

  • Monitors position in search results
  • Also tracks wish list stats, guest satisfaction score
  • No cookie, no cache (objective results)
  • Free, available to everyone
  • Email host weekly report

Who Your Porter is best suited for

  • Hosts with multiple listings (5-20)
  • Hosts who manage teammates
  • Multiple accounts, platforms

How Your Porter is different from other tools

  • First mobile app for professional Airbnb hosts
  • Easy to get started, 21-day free trial
  • Works with iOS, Android and web app
  • Reasonably priced ($5-10/listing/month)

Connect with Erinç

Your Porter App

Airbnb Rankings Report



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