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The Perfect System to Manage Inventory in Your STR Units – with Darik Eaton (Ep. 347)

Do you know exactly what items are in each of your Airbnb listings? Do you know where the breaker box is located? Or the make and model of the washing machine? The more detailed information you have, the easier it is for you (or your team) to help a guest when they call with questions. But what’s the best way to manage inventory in your STR units?

Darik Eaton is the Founder and CEO of Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals, a short-term rental management company out of Seattle, Washington. Darik got his start as a host in 2008, and he was one of the first to list on Airbnb when the platform expanded to the Seattle market in 2010. He currently operates 40 properties in downtown Seattle and manages his team remotely from his home in Kauai.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Darik joins me to share the process he uses to manage inventory in his STR units. He explains how his detailed system of documentation makes it easier for his team to provide customer support and improves the guest experience. Listen in for Darik’s insight on standardizing your Wi-Fi network names and passwords and learn how to build your own process for taking inventory of your STR listings!

Topics Covered

How Darik got into Airbnb

  • Bought ‘city pad’ in downtown Seattle 13 years ago
  • STR to cover cost, booked 315 nights in first year
  • Success led to property owners asking to manage

How Airbnb has changed since 2010

  • Guests no longer expect to meet host in person
  • CTO responded to Darik’s first help ticket

The process Darik uses to document inventory in his units

  • Take pictures of every item as onboard property
  • Record serial numbers of every appliance, electronics
  • Inventory batteries and light bulbs (when last changed)
  • Location of breaker box, water shutoff valve
  • Store info on cloud drive for team to access

Why Darik requires his owners to use his design team

  • Standardized dishware, bedding and towels
  • Easy to replace items as needed (at scale)

What inspired Darik’s detailed inventory system

  • Common questions from guests (e.g.: operating TV)
  • Team access to info improves customer experience

The benefits of keeping a detailed inventory of your STR

  • Provide top quality customer support
  • Easy to report stolen or damaged items
  • Insurance payout in case of natural disaster
  • Repair appliances more quickly

Why Darik standardizes his Wi-Fi network names + passwords

  • Less confusing for guests, improves experience
  • Branding opportunity (advertise to others in building)

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