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EP229: How to Manage Multiple Airbnb Listings

If you’re thinking about taking your Airbnb business to the next level and evolving to manage multiple listings, there are a number of factors to consider. How do you maintain a human connection with guests while scaling up? How do you choose the right software for syncing your listings across multiple channels? Is it worth it to expand beyond Airbnb if you have to do your own payment processing and background checks?

Jesse DePinto is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Frontdesk, a property management company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Frontdesk focuses on accommodating the business traveler, providing corporate housing rental properties in urban areas. Lifelong travelers themselves, the Frontdesk team seeks to provide a seamless guest experience complete with 24/7 communication and a personal touch in every unit.

Today Jesse explains how his background in hospitality tech led to starting Frontdesk. He offers his take on establishing multiple host accounts and setting expectations for your guests as a property management company. Jesse discusses the advantages of Airbnb over other channels that don’t handle payment processing or background checks and the two different kinds of property management systems available to hosts with multiple listings. Listen in for Jesse’s advice on keeping your humanity as you scale and choosing your niche.

Topics Covered

Jesse’s introduction to Airbnb

  • Background in hospitality tech
  • Co-founder in real estate
  • First property in early 2017

Why Frontdesk chose Milwaukee, Charlotte and Indianapolis

  • Understand culture
  • Business travel

Jesse’s take on multiple host accounts

  • Stressful to have ‘all eggs in one basket’
  • One host account sufficient if follow rules

Jesse’s insight on booking as a management company

  • Attracts certain type of guest (likes consistency)
  • Logo as profile pic is turnoff
  • Maintain humanity despite scale
  • Person available to call for customer service
  • Control expectations through transparency

Jesse’s advice around adding co-hosts

  • List anyone who might be interfacing with guests

The challenges around listing on multiple platforms

  • Advantage of scale
  • Airbnb only all-in-one channel
  • Responsible for own payment processing, background checks on Booking.com

The fundamentals of property management systems

  • Build yourself or use third-party SaaS
  • Functions as master API
  • Create one listing, sync across channels
  • Includes revenue tool, task management and CRM
  • Find affordable PMS with features you need

Jesse’s tips on managing multiple listings

  • Establish your niche, audience
  • Time to devote impacts where grow listings
  • Stay away from PMSs with high setup fees

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