EP210: How To Manage Multiple Listings with iGMS

EP210: How To Manage Multiple Listings with iGMS

So you want to expand your Airbnb business, but the complication that comes with managing multiple listings has you a little overwhelmed. How do you prevent double bookings? Stay on top of guest communication? What about all of the turnovers and laundry?

Based in Vancouver, Kamil Damji is the Director of Sales with iGMS, a platform that offers solutions to the concerns you may have about managing multiple vacation-rental listings. The site is designed to streamline every part of your Airbnb business, from messaging to bookings to scheduling and task management. The 30% of Airbnb hosts who manage multiple properties typically dedicate 15 to 20 hours to each listing in a given month, but using an automated system like iGMS can trim that time commitment down to just one or two hours per listing!

Today Kamil explains how iGMS prevents double-bookings, automates guest communication, and facilitates the management of your cleaning staff. He offers his best advice around maximizing occupancy and boosting your ranking in search results. Listen in to understand the benefits of using a platform like iGMS, and expand your Airbnb business—as well as your profits!

Topics Covered

How to avoid double-bookings

  • Sync calendars with software
  • iGMS imports info from multiple channels

The regulations around multiple listings

  • Every municipality different, individual buildings have own rules
  • Separate into multiple accounts to minimize risk, avoid unwanted attention

How to address the challenge of guest communication with multiple listings

  • Employ a channel manager
  • AirGMS connects multiple Airbnb accounts to unified inbox

How iGMS facilitates the management of cleaning staff

  • Invite cleaners to AirGMS system
  • Platform creates work order based on event (i.e.: check-out)
  • Cleaner receives text with location, specific instructions

How to maximize occupancy

  • Adjust minimum stay to secure long-term bookings first
  • Change calendar settings to fill in gaps

Kamil’s tips for boosting your bookings

  • Update price 3-5 times/day to increase exposure
  • Use professional photos on listing
  • Create unique titles that include nearby attractions

The pros and cons of pricing apps

  • Doesn’t work well in remote areas with less data
  • Manual adjustment affords more control (i.e.: seasonality, special events and holidays)

The features of iGMS

  • Templates of pre-written responses
  • Automated messaging based on events (e.g.: check-in instructions)
  • Mail merge functions, pull from fields in Airbnb
  • Automated reviews
  • Cleaning task management
  • Mobile app to receive push notifications, manage on the go

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