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How to Market to the Work-From-Home Traveler (Ep. 349)

Travel has changed in the season of COVID-19. Short-term rental (STR) guests are looking for a ‘home instead of home’ that they can drive to. Most are looking to escape the city and enjoy nature. And many plan to stay for an extended period and work from the property. So, how can we capitalize on this new guest persona and market specifically to the work-from-home traveler?

Eric Moeller is my partner in crime at STR Profit Academy, a educational platform for vacation rental hosts, and the STR Legends Mastermind, a community of the leaders, visionaries and innovators in the STR industry. He is also the founder and host of the Airbnb Mastery Summit, an exclusive virtual event featuring premiere STR hosts and real estate experts from around the world.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Eric joins me to explain what he is looking for in a STR as a work-from-home traveler and share what he learned from looking through 100+ listings on Airbnb. He walks us through his process for finding world-class properties for business travel, challenging hosts to do regular internet speed tests and offer discounts for extended stays. Listen in for Eric’s insight on upgrading your STR to a proper coworking space and learn how to market your listing to attract the work-from-home traveler.

Topics Covered

What Eric learned from looking at 100+ Airbnb listings

  • Decision-making different for work-from-home traveler
  • Lack of marketing to attract this new persona

The elements of a listing most important to work-from-home travelers

  1. Strong internet (25 Mbps minimum)
  2. Space set up for coworking

What STR hosts can do to market to the work-from-home traveler

  • Add screen shot of internet speed test to photos
  • Get approved as workplace on Airbnb
  • Advertise parking space or explain where to park
  • Offer discounts for extended stays
  • Be hands-on to address guest’s individual needs

How to leave clues in your Airbnb listing re: how to contact directly

  • Copy and paste guest review that mentions brand name
  • Promote social media, e.g.: check us out on Instagram

Eric’s process for finding world-class properties for business travel

  • Search filters for Wi-Fi, 2BR and traveling for work
  • Narrow down with parameters for location and price
  • Imagine working from property through photos

How to turn your Airbnb listing into a proper coworking space

  • Provide smartphone and computer chargers
  • Consider adding printer to workstation

Connect with Eric

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