EP096: Running a Vacation Rental Business in Panama with Matt Landau

Vacation Rental Business Panama Matt Landau

EP096: Running a Vacation Rental Business in Panama with Matt Landau

Matt Landau is the Founder of the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog, an online resource for vacation rental owners and managers. He is also the owner of Los Cuatro Tulipanes vacation rentals, a vacation rental property located in the old neighborhood of Casco Viejo in Panama City.

Some of the topics covered

  • What is a vacation rental business
  • The different ways to run a vacation rental business
  • Three most important hospitality lessons that Matt learned
  • How Matt has helped former gang members in Casco Viejo integrate in society

Connect with Matt

Websites mentioned
Vacation Rental Marketing Blog
Los Cuatro Tulipanes
Esperanza Social Venture Club

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  1. Seb Grosjean says:

    Hey Jasper & Matt,

    Thanks for your always quality content, we’re huge fans of your podcast, blogs, and advises at BookingSync!

    Talking about sync capabilities of booking softwares and particularly BookingSync in this episode, you asked yourself which kind of synchronisation we can provide.
    For the leading platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway and Booking.com, we offer a 2 way sync native in BookingSync. Which means that we send at least availability calendars to this channels (often rates, photos, descriptions, … as well) but also get back bookings, clients and payment information when you get a booking on this channels)
    With TripAdvisor we have a natif support as well but can’t get back bookings, clients and payment information currently as they do not support it for vacation rentals however we do send all your properties content to them making it very easy to be fully updated.

    You can easily extend these sync capabilities through our App Center, with partners like OutSwitch and in beta MyBookingPal & RentalsUnited allowing you to promote your listings on world major platforms.
    You can find more technical informations here: http://manual.bookingsync.com/en/which-channels-can-i-be-connected-to

    We would be happy to chat with you or anyone else interested to know more about how to: Save time, book more and have fun with your VR business!

  2. Ana Arguedas says:

    I´m from Guatemala very near to Panama and with almost the same culture. We have also very nice places to show and enjoy.
    I own a Vacation rental company and is really nice to know that you started like me. With the hope of opening a new market of accomodations and that the tourism enjoy your attention and properties. (I’m in the business since 20010)
    My site is http://www.crazycatravel.com we just renovated and I’m still migrating my old website that still working (www.nlpunto.com )to the new one. I thought that it was time to bring to my website a little of what Airbnb gives. I´m just adding tours and trips so they enjoy a complete experience.
    I like a lot your advices to all the community of vacation rentals.
    Hope we meet some day.
    Ana Arguedas

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