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Matt’s journey From Hectic Host to Rising Star (Ep440)

In the summer of 2021, Matt Durian was the epitome of a Hectic Host, running around like a chicken with its head cut off to keep up with the demands of managing several short-term rental listings.

Matt and his wife Bruna were overwhelmed and didn’t have the bandwidth to add any more properties to their portfolio.

But fast forward just a few months, and Matt is much less stressed. He’s added two new units and is in the process of onboarding two more. So, how did he go from Hectic Host to Rising Star in such a short time?

Matt is the Cofounder and CEO of The BNB Way, western North Carolina’s premiere Airbnb property management and concierge company. He has a long history as a hospitality entrepreneur, running a personal concierge service for residents of a luxury resort community for a number of years before getting into vacation rentals in 2019.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Matt joins me to share his journey from Hectic Host to Rising Star, describing how The BNB Way was consuming his entire life when he joined the Legends X STR Accelertor last September.

He walks us through his transition from business manager to business owner, explaining how Legends X helped him dial in his vision, build a team and begin the process of scaling The BNB Way.

Listen in for Matt’s insight on the life-changing benefits of connecting with the STR Legends community and designing an Airbnb business that leaves space to enjoy your life!

Topics Covered

  • How Matt’s history in hospitality centers around the concierge model
  • Why Matt shifted from rental arbitrage to the management model during the pandemic
  • What it means to be stuck in the Hectic Host stage of growing an Airbnb business
  • How Legends X helped Matt transition from business manager to business owner
  • The most important steps Matt took to become a Rising Star
  • How the VOS framework helped Matt dial in who he wants to serve
  • How the Legends X Playbook allowed Matt to build a team and start delegating tasks
  • Using the franchise prototype to scale your STR business to any level you want
  • The benefits of connecting with a community of hosts who hold you accountable, answer questions and inspire you to dream bigger
  • Designing a short-term rental business that allows you to enjoy life

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