EP056: Airbnb Hosting in Omaha, Nebraska, with Megan Hunt

EP056- Airbnb Hosting in Omaha, Nebraska, with Megan Hunt

EP056: Airbnb Hosting in Omaha, Nebraska, with Megan Hunt

Megan Hunt has been hosting in Omaha, Nebraska, on Airbnb for over two and a half years and she's hosted over 100 groups of guests. We talk about some of the good and bad experiences she's had.

We also discuss what it's like to host on Airbnb being a single mom and how she combines Airbnb hosting with creating a protective environment for her child at the same time.

Show Notes

Megan's Airbnb listings:

Bright & Charming Apt in Midtown!
Sunny Central Apartment in Dundee
Bright & Stylish Downtown Apartment

Megan's sites:

About Megan
Princess Lasertron

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  1. Annie says:

    I agree with Megan about a lot, but I’m a parent/host, too, and we do things very differently. We did just decide to un-list out guest room (we just needed to simplify our lives a little), but I loved having the kids meet all of the guests and learn about their cultures and whatnot. It was always a good experience for both the guests and the kids.

    Also, having a large family house is a definite draw for a lot of people. I always rent to large families coming in from different parts of the country for an event, usually.

    For sure, it takes a Type-A, uber-organized, clean-freak, but if that’s you, then go for it. That happens to be me, and so renting out the whole house has been great for us and is helping us to meet a lot of financial goals.

    As far as how the kids feel about other people sleeping in their beds, we have helped this issue by having different bed linens, blankets, pillows, and towels for the guests. I think that hosting gives the kids a better sense of contentment and gratitude for what they have. When we come back home from staying at my mother-in-law’s or vacation or wherever (after guests leave) they’re always so grateful for their home again. We live in such a culture of entitlement for children, and so Airbnb has been a great way to counter that in our family.

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