EP069: Staying at Over 60 Airbnbs with Michael and Larissa Milne

EP069: Staying at Over 60 Airbnbs with Michael and Larissa Milne

Michael and Larissa Milne

Michael and Larissa Milne sold all their belongings in August 2011 to start a one-year journey around the world. Upon returning to the US, after traveling to six continents, they decided to keep the adventure going. They have since been on the road non-stop with no fixed address.

During their travels, Michael and Larissa prefer to stay at Airbnbs and they have stayed at over 60! If there was a “Super Guest” status, they would be prime candidates. Listen to the advice that Michael and Larissa have for Airbnb hosts based on their experiences!

Find out more about Michael and Larissa on their travel blog, Changes in Longitude.

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  1. Debi says:

    As an Airbnb “host,” I would like to add that Airbnb has to also treat those of us with “whole house” offerings differently than those with one room or “shared” spaces. We need to have more control over the communication with our guest and our cancellation & security deposit policies, because of the economics of late cancellations/damage potential, of a larger property as well as wanting to have more information to “verify” the guest by being able to communicate more freely before booking.

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