Million Dollar Marketing Secrets (Ep378)

Million Dollar Marketing Secrets (Ep378)

Are you chasing property owners and investors in an attempt to scale your short-term rental management portfolio? What if you could market yourself in a way that makes new business chase YOU?

Julie George is the Founder of Million Dollar Host, a platform committed to helping STR hosts scale a successful property management business. Julie grew her own Airbnb management company from zero to 130 properties in three years and earned $8M before selling the portfolio in 2019, and she shares her secrets in the book Million Dollar Host. Julie also serves as a coach with our STR accelerator Legends X.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Julie joins me to explain what you need to know BEFORE you start marketing your STR business and how to position yourself as the Airbnb expert in your community. She shares her top strategies for building strategic relationships, describing how to team up with local real estate agents and where to meet potential investors and property owners in your community. Listen in for Julie’s insight on the benefits of self-promotion and learn how Legends X can help you implement Julie’s million dollar marketing secrets!

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Topics Covered

What you need to know before you market your STR business

  • Business identity, e.g.: luxury, eco-friendly, etc.
  • Ideal property types and guest avatar

How to position yourself as a STR expert in your community

  • Traditional advertising (magazines, billboards, etc.)
  • Write series of articles on benefits of Airbnb
  • Prominent storefront and/or website for investors

How to get more comfortable with putting yourself out there

  • Develop and display creative logo or catchphrase
  • Practice elevator pitch to explain what you offer

How to build strategic relationships with real estate agents

  • Go to open house for overpriced luxury property
  • Offer to team up to help agent sell home as STR
  • Prepare appraisal report re: potential STR profit
  • Offer investors opportunity to ‘try before you buy’

Julie’s strategy for meeting local investors/property owners

  • Give 1-minute elevator pitch at local BNI meeting
  • Bring business card and gift for each attendee

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Legends X

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Million Dollar Host: Julie’s AirBnb Portfolio Earned Over a Million Dollars in Her First Year … Yours Can Too by Julie George

Get Paid for Your Pad: How to Maximize Profit from Your Airbnb Listing by Jasper Ribbers and Huzefa Kapadia



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