More Listings, Higher Profits (Ep441)

More Listings, Higher Profits (Ep441)

People tend to strictly focus on scalability but we have to work backwards and focus on the vision, the brand and feedback to continue to improve it. Without that, things fall apart.

So, what will really scale your rental business? And what can you do to maintain that growth in 2022?

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Eric and I explain why focusing on scalability is not profitable on it’s own, sharing what every company really needs to scale a business in 2022.

We weigh in on what a valuable airbnb business model looks like for 2022 and how branding is one of the biggest things to focus on and maintain when scaling.

Listen in to understand why focusing on scaling alone won’t help your business and learn how to make more profit with not only more listings but better listings.

Topics Covered

  • How much the demand for short term rentals has increased and why
  • Eric’s insight on the shift in destination spots for rental businesses
  • Why many people still choose hotels over airbnb rentals
  • Why we focus on building our brand as a host and the impact it has on airbnbs that aren't doing that
  • Eric’s insight on how to successful build a brand as an airbnb host
  • The importance in focusing on sustainability rather than scalability alone
  • The value that will be provided at the More Listings, Higher Profits Training
  • The 3 main pillars every company needs to really scale a business in 2022
  • The transition from a business manager to a business owner
  • Overnight success is all about systems


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