EP072: w/ Nedda Toofer and Vik Thairani, co-founders of TINE tag

Tine Tag

EP072: w/ Nedda Toofer and Vik Thairani, co-founders of TINE tag

Nedda Toofer and Vik Thairani are the co-founders of TINE tag, a new app that allows users to stick digital post-it notes on anything and attached a video, audio or photo message to it that can be viewed by scanning the tag with the TINE app.

This is ideal for Airbnb hosts, specially those who use a key-less entry system and don't get to show their guests around their space. They can stick a TINE tag on their front door with a personal video message for their guests and also add TINE tags to anything around the house that may need an explanation. Examples include the coffee machine, TV, alarm system and the AC.

When someone scans the TINE tag, they’ll get to see your message and you’ll get notified. You can even change the message without having to replace the TINE tag.

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