EP102: Get paid in advance with Payfully.co


EP102: Get paid in advance with Payfully.co

Have you ever booked a guest that will stay weeks or even months in the future and wished you could be paid for the booking now? If so, don’t miss this episode!

In this episode, Jasper welcomes Luis and Daniela with Payfully.co! Payfully is a service that allows you to be paid for you Airbnb bookings in advance of the stay!

The folks at Payfully have a great offer for listeners! The first time you use the service, just type in the coupon code “GPFYP” in the box provided, and you will get your first advance free of charge!

Some of the topics covered:

  • How Payfully.co works
    • Must sign up using a Gmail account (for now)
    • No credit check
    • The more you use Payfully the more $ you will be qualified for
    • Payfully is paid back 24 hours after you’ve been paid from Airbnb.
  • The idea that started Payfully
  • Future plans/improvements for the Payfully platform


Jasper is now a contributor at travel.hostfully.com! Visit the site to read about Jaspers passion for hosting, and travel!


  1. Irene Atkins says:

    Thank you so much for the promo code! It just worked for me. You saved me over $50!

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