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Pricing Tips for 2021 with Andrew Kitchell (Ep371)

Travel has changed in the pandemic era. While it’s harder to make plans in advance, many are taking advantage of the ability to work from anywhere and driving to nearby sun-and-snow destinations. So, what can we do to learn how our particular market has changed and adjust our pricing to take advantage of these trends?

Andrew Kitchell is the Founder and CEO of Wheelhouse, a platform designed to help short-term rental hosts manage their units as professionally and efficiently as a major hotel. The Wheelhouse software offers revenue management tools and market insight reports to support STR operators in creating a custom pricing strategy that works for their business. Andrew is a serial entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience building startups in the vacation rental and real estate data space.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Andrew joins me to discuss how COVID is driving travel trends in 2021. He describes how lead times have shifted, explaining how to analyze lead time data for your market and adjust your pricing accordingly. Listen in for Andrew’s insight on how length-of-stay patterns have changed and learn how to leverage dynamic minimum stays to fill gaps in your calendar and maximize your revenue in the new year!

Click on the video below to watch and listen to this podcast episode:


Andrew's additional explanation on lead times and minimum length stays:

Topics Covered

How COVID is driving travel trends in 2021

  • Harder to plan in advance = shorter lead times
  • Ability to work from anywhere = longer stays

How Andrew defines lead time for short-term rentals

  • How far in advance guests book your STR
  • Best way to see how market values your property

How to analyze lead time data for your market

  • Compare your lead times with market average
  • Selling too far in advance means it’s underpriced

How lead times have changed in 2021

  • General trend to shorter lead times (< 20 days out)
  • Popular drive-to destinations = longer lead times

What Airbnb host accommodations are earning more revenue

  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Pet-friendly units

How length-of-stay patterns have changed in 2021

  • Guests staying longer in most markets
  • Trend toward extended bookings

How to maximize STR revenue with dynamic minimum stays

  • Don’t take short bookings far in future
  • Set minimum slightly higher than market average
  • Decrease minimum stay as dates get closer

How to deal with gaps in your STR calendar

  • Offer discount for guest staying just before gap
  • Use Wheelhouse to auto adjust minimum stay

The new features available through Wheelhouse

  • Market Reports came out Q4 of 2020
  • Beta testing Competitive Set Tool

Connect with Andrew

Wheelhouse [Referral Code PAD]

Email andrew@usewheelhouse.com


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Email jasper@getpaidforyourpad.com