Protect Your Airbnb from Parties with Noiseaware (Ep250)

Protect Your Airbnb from Parties with Noiseaware (Ep250)

Protect Your Airbnb from Parties with Noiseaware

Every week it seems the news is flooded with stories about short-term rental guests using properties to host wild parties, unbeknownst to the property owner. This issue is not limited to specific cities or countries. It is increasingly becoming a cause for concern for hosts around the world.

This is a major concern for Airbnb hosts as these issues can disturb neighbors, leading to complaints or can even end in significant damage caused to the property.

This week I speak with David Krauss, the co-founder of Noiseaware. What is Noisaware? It is a noise monitoring sensor that allows short-term rental hosts to be aware of noise levels at their properties, so they can take preventative action and avoid potential damage, noise complaints from neighbors and police involvement. Noiseaware is known for their indoor sensors and is now the first to develop an outdoor sensor.

They have just launched pre-orders of their new product, the Gen 3 Indoor Sensor, which can be bundled with an outdoor sensor to ensure that your property is fully monitored and give you peace of mind. You can find more info about pre-orders here.

Topics covered

*How David lost $20,000 after his guests threw a party at his Airbnb

*The solution that David came up with to protect his Airbnb

*How this solution led him to start Noiseaware

*How you can use Noiseaware to protect your Airbnb

Pre-order your Noiseaware sensor now and save up to $89 on your indoor and outdoor Noiseaware sensors and get $20 off your yearly subscription plan.

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