Q&A from the Training – More Listings, Higher Profits (Ep447)

Q&A from the Training – More Listings, Higher Profits (Ep447)

How should you plan for the growth of your short-term rental business? How do you keep your guest connections personal and successfully scale your business? Is it too late to get into the property rental game?

Fresh off a very successful training course, “More Listings, Higher Profits,” Eric and I take the opportunity on this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad to discuss some of the extra questions about the STR industry that we were unable to get to during the live event.

We recap the key takeaways from our event, highlighting the most common challenges in the STR industry as well as what you can do to capitalize on opportunities for growth.

Tune in for tips on ensuring your properties stand out against the competition, and get our advice on burning questions about the industry from current and aspiring STR owners.

Topics Covered

  • Brief overview of the “More Listings, Higher Profits” training course
  • Companies' struggles with the clarity of their business models
  • How hosts can easily fall into hectic business operations without scale and systems
  • How many business owners have a desire to grow but do not have actionable plans to succeed
  • Concerns over missing the STR boom and how to get familiar with the industry without owning properties
  • Best practices for managing and leading property cleaners
  • Understanding the importance of guest avatars and how they can make or break a business
  • How to find gaps in the industry that you can fill with unique properties and amenities
  • How to get involved in Legends X Short-Term Rental Accelerator and become a student of the STR industry


Training Replay: More Listings, Higher Profits.

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