EP090: Real Estate Expert Kemi Egan Shares Tips for Airbnb Hosts

EP090: Real Estate Expert Kemi Egan Shares Tips for Airbnb Hosts

In this episode, Jasper welcomes real estate investor, best-selling author and co-founder of Freedom Academies, Kemi Egan to the podcast. Kemi starts off by sharing some fantastic tips for AirBnB hosts that can help you exceed your guest’s expectations and in turn increase your profits!

Kemi then tells her story and how she turned to real estate after near bankruptcy. Since that time Kemi has built herself a real estate empire and taught many others to do the same. What more, she manages everything remotely! Kemi is a big believer in process, and she shares some tools to automate tasks that you don’t need to be doing.


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Contact Kemi:

Twitter: @KemiEgan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kemieganfreedomacademies

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