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EP083: Real Estate Investing Using Airbnb With Glenn Carter

Glenn Carter is a family man, investor, and full-time employee (in that order) who makes side income through various sharing economy platforms, real estate, and small businesses. He takes his income production seriously, well, casually. Glenn has been making serious money, casually, for years and wishes to help others do the same. Glenn has learned from the best in the entrepreneurial world that you don't need silver bullets to become wealthy, you only need discipline and action. Glenn is here to help you with the latter.

Glenn is also an Airbnb host and has had success investing in a property in Orlando, solely for the purpose of renting it out on Airbnb. In this episode we discuss:

– why Glenn chose Orlando for his Airbnb investment- how he went about choosing the house that he bought- Glenn's ROI (return on investment) using actual numbers- Glenn's experience with managing the property remotely

We also get into several sharing economy platforms that can be useful for Airbnb hosts, such as

1. JustPark: A platform available worldwide where you can rent out spare parking spaces.

2. Vayable: A website that allows people to create local experiences (i.e. tours) to offer to tourists.

3. Feastly, EatWith, BonAppetour, VizEat: All of these are meal-sharing platforms where you can host people at your host for meals.

4. DogVacay and Rover.com: The sharing economy platforms designed for animal lovers. You can do a lot on these sites, but they are primarily for dog walking and dog/cat babysitting.

5. Guidrr: A platform that allows you to design your own tours in app form that can be sold to tourists. Think of it as a self-guided tour that you can design.

6. Storemates (UK), Spacer (Australia): These are simply storage space platforms that you can use to monetize spare space in your home or on your property. This can include a garage, basement, attic, large closet, and vacant land.

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