EP104: Recent Airbnb News and Platform Updates

Recent Airbnb News

EP104: Recent Airbnb News and Platform Updates

This week Jasper discusses a few recent platform updates that Airbnb has implemented as well as a number of news items in the world of Airbnb.

Topics discussed in this episode:

– extended title from 35 characters to 50 characters
– extended description summary from 250 to 500 characters
– home safety section
– Additional hosts to manage your listing
– Airbnb raised $850 million
– Why rents aren't going up because of Airbnb
– Funny facts about Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky


  1. rando says:

    When are new episodes coming out?

  2. Tyler says:

    Just listened to this one – great overview! Love that Airbnb is always pushing forward with new features and design, even if it means we have to keep learning where they’ve moved things to 🙂 Thanks Jasper!

    • Jasper says:

      Thanks Tyler, you’ll be blown away by the newest additions to the platform that have just been released here at the Airbnb Open in LA, stay tuned!

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