Renting out a Primary Residence on Airbnb in Las Vegas (Ep273)

renting out a primary residence on airbnb in las vegas

Renting out a Primary Residence on Airbnb in Las Vegas (Ep273)

Today I chat with my good friend Jesse Krieger, who helped me publish Get Paid For Your Pad in 2014. Jesse has since grown his publishing business and has published over 50 books. But the topic for today is how Jesse rents out his primary residence in Las Vegas on Airbnb when he is out of town.

Jesse has branded his listing as “The Publishing Palace” and makes the listing stand out by having a primary photo that shows his backyard during a wedding party.

He also has given his home a lot of character by having themed rooms each with its own mural (created by former podcast guest Annie Kim, see podcast episode 245, How to Integrate Art in Your Airbnb)

Jesse also shares how he almost missed a flight after his neighbour pranked him into thinking his guests were throwing a massive party at his house.


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