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Revenue Management Questions Answered Part II (Ep 595)

Revenue Management Questions Answered Part II

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In this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, I want to dive deep into a topic that's essential for anyone in the vacation rental industry: revenue management. Drawing from my own experiences and insights, I'll cover various aspects of this critical element in running a successful vacation rental business.

First off, let me take you back to 2020, right after the initial wave of COVID-19. That year, my business partner, Eric, and I attended the VRMA conference in New Orleans, and it was an absolute blast. I can't stress enough the value of such conferences for networking and building a supportive community within the vacation rental industry. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we need each other's insights and connections to grow and learn.

One key takeaway from a recent panel discussion I attended is the importance of coaching. I'm a firm believer that everyone, no matter their level of experience, can benefit from having a coach. Eric and I both have coaches, and we've learned that avoiding common mistakes and learning from others can significantly contribute to our success.

If you're attending VRMA or have an interest in the vacation rental industry, I invite you to reach out to me via email or on my Instagram accounts, Jasper Rivers and Get Paid for Your Pad. Let's connect and continue the conversation.

Now, let's get into the core of this episode: daily revenue management. In today's vacation rental landscape, it's no longer enough to list your property on Airbnb and expect passive income. I encourage you to dedicate at least 10-30 minutes a day to revenue management. By reviewing pricing strategies, market trends, and occupancy levels daily, you can maximize your profitability.

As your vacation rental portfolio grows, you'll find that managing revenue becomes more complex. To streamline your tasks, consider outsourcing some to virtual assistants (VAs). They can assist with data collection and reporting, making your daily revenue management tasks more efficient.

When it comes to pricing decisions, it's crucial to stay up-to-date with real-time data rather than relying solely on historical data. I recommend comparing your current occupancy rates with those of your competitors in the market. This way, you can make more informed decisions about adjusting your pricing strategy to stay competitive.

Marketing to past guests is an often-underutilized strategy in our industry. Sending regular emails to past guests, engaging them with content about local events, activities, and tips for enjoying their stay, can significantly boost your bookings. To help you get started, I'm offering to share the marketing emails my team sends out as inspiration.

Lastly, I'd like to introduce you to the Cashflow Mastery Course. If you're looking to take your vacation rental business to the next level, I invite you to visit our website. By joining the program, you'll gain access to valuable insights and strategies for success in the vacation rental industry.

In conclusion, this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad is packed with actionable advice and insights into revenue management and community building within the vacation rental industry. I'm here to share my experiences and expertise, so don't hesitate to connect with me on social media, explore the Cashflow Mastery Course, and embark on your journey to success in the vacation rental business.

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Jasper Ribbers (00:01.162)
What's up everybody, welcome back to Get Paid for Your Pad. It's been a while since I recorded my last episode. I've been pretty busy with a lot of exciting stuff in my life, so I wanna give you guys a couple updates here shortly about what I have going on. And also I wanna do part two of the revenue management questions answered that I received a lot of questions, I think it was a couple weeks ago.

that I sent out an email asking everybody what their biggest questions and challenges were on the topic of revenue management. I got a lot of questions from, from listeners and email readers. So I want to cover a few more of those. Uh, but, uh, but yeah, let me, uh, give you guys a quick update. Uh, the couple of things. Number one is if you're watching on YouTube, you see, I have a podcast studio. Now, um, I've been recording my podcasts basically for my kitchen counter since I moved here to San Diego.

And my wife's been yelling at me for about three months that it looked ugly and you know, we have a fan I have fan behind me. She kept telling me like you have an ugly fan behind you You should have a beautiful podcast wall So she took it upon herself to create this little studio for me here So as you can as you can tell like my wife is a bit more creative than I am. So it actually looks good So I'm really happy with my new podcast studio where I can create better content now

guys probably listen to the audio on Apple Podcast or

Spotify or whatnot, but some people watch on YouTube. We have a YouTube channel get paid for your pet So if you look up the channel on YouTube, you can actually see these podcasts on video So you'll notice that this recording today is gonna look a lot better than Everything else the other reason why I wanted to do this is because we actually started putting together A lot of content on our Instagram. So get paid for your pad on Instagram. We're putting out a real or

Jasper Ribbers (02:04.948)
My wife is also helping me with that because I hate social media, but she's very, she very excited about it. So we're putting out some, some cool content. So if you're not following on Instagram, go ahead, search us on, on Instagram, get paid for your pad. I've been getting a lot of, since she started putting out these reels, I'm getting a lot of messages. So it's really fun to be able to communicate over Instagram with a lot of, a lot of people that are listening to this podcast. So that's the first update that I have for you here.

We are finally live with FreeWild. So if you guys have been following the podcast, you know that Eric and I bought a property up in Idylwild and we've been renovating for the last, whew.

took a lot longer than we thought. Thought we were gonna launch in July or so, and then it became August and September, and now it's October, right? And I guess that's the law in renovations and construction that it always costs more and it takes longer. So we've now experienced that ourselves. But the result is pretty amazing. As you can tell, if you look on Instagram, at stayfreewild, or if you go to freewild.com, you'll be able to see the result of the renovations. And it's, yeah, it's pretty incredible

contractor and our designers and the whole team have put together. So highly recommend you know check out our website freewild.com you can you can see our cabins. You can also become a wilder so everybody that stays at a free wild property we're gonna call those people wilders.

So our goal is really to build a tribe of people that align with the values of our brand, which is we want to inspire people to disconnect from their devices and go into what we call wild mode, and then spend quality time with our friends and our family and our loved ones, and really connect with each other and go on a walk, go on a hike, or tell each other stories or play a board game, listen to music. We have in each of our units, one of my favorite items is actually

Jasper Ribbers (04:06.228)
we have these really cool record players. So if you're a little younger than me, if you don't have any gray hairs yet, then you probably don't know what a record player is. But back in the day, we used to have these little machines called record players. And we would have these like these big black circle records that you put on the record player and it would actually make music. It's very magical actually. It's been a long time since I've used a record player, but we have a

in every single of our units. But what's cool about them is, you know, we do provide the records so you can listen to different types of music that align with our brand. But then also you can use it as a radio and you can also use it as a speaker, right? So you can actually connect to it with your Bluetooth as well. So absolutely love these things. I didn't even know they existed. But yeah.

This is just one of the one of a lot of little details and things in our units that I'm really excited about. So I'm sure I'll, uh, I'll stay up there quite a bit in the next couple of months. So if you want to check out our Instagram, we'll, we'll posting up a lot of. Videos and, and the content on, on our units. But, um, I also wanted to mention that, uh, we've opened up for bookings now. And the way that we do this is, uh, we wanted to launch to our community first. So when I say community,

mean, like people that are listening to podcasts and are on our email list, but also the people that are on our free wild email list. So during the renovations, we've been building up an email list for people that are interested in staying with us in the future, people that like our brand. So I've got a lot of people on that email list and something that I recommend to everybody else.

does as well is to collect email addresses from your guests, but also you can collect email addresses from people.

Jasper Ribbers (06:03.298)
that come to your direct booking website, right? They don't actually have to stay with you first before you can grab their email. So we already have like a substantial email list of people that have either stayed with us in the past or who have just entered their email on our website. Now we're giving out a 30% discount until Sunday. So this is like kind of like a soft launch. So anybody that wants to book, and you can book until the rest, at the end of the year. You know, our properties in Idlewild, so I know most people,

you're probably located far away and you're not necessarily able to fly over and stay with us, of course. But if you do live in the San Diego or Los Angeles area, we're about two, three hours drive from that region. So if you do want to check out our units, you can go to freewild.com and use the code wild30 to book a 30% discounted stay. So this is for dates in 2023. We just blocked the Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year and stuff because

Those are the peak dates. So yeah, that's one thing. Go check it out, freewild.com. And by the way, FreeWild is with a Y, not an I. So it's F-R-E-E, and then W-Y-L-D. Freewild.com.

Next up is we launched a brand new course called Cashflow Mastery. We literally just kicked off our first batch of students who have joined. And I wanted to share a little bit more about this program. The reason that we started this program is because we noticed there is a lack of education when it comes to revenue management. Right. What we notice is that most hosts either just manually put in prices.

in on their Airbnb or VRBO or whatever OTA they're using or they are using a pricing app

Jasper Ribbers (08:01.746)
right, like price labs beyond pricing or wheelhouse, but they don't really know how to use it and they don't really have a process or a strategic pricing strategy where they on a daily basis, they go into their pricing app and look at the data and make price adjustments and make forecasts based on occupancy trends and booking trends and, um, and all that good stuff. There's so much that you can do to analyze your market, to analyze your performance of your units and make adjustments.

You're going to learn a lot about your market. You're going to learn a lot about the demand for your units. And you'll be able to increase your revenue quite a bit. So a lot of hosts use a pricing tool, but there's a lot of room for improvement. We kind of call them the set it and forget it price tool hosts. That's a big category. Actually, most of the students have joined our program in that category.

Right. And then there's the third category of hosts who have a strategic revenue management plan and who have really made revenue manage part of their daily routine. Right. So they go into their data, they go into the look at their performance and they make adjustments on the daily basis. And that's really that category is where you want to be. I think that in the future, for the people that are in category number one and two, it's going to be harder and harder as

Jasper Ribbers (09:26.896)
our job and it's going to be harder to compete with them, right? So I think right now is really the time that we have to start taking revenue management very serious, just like we have to take every part of our business very serious. I mean, I was just on a panel with some heavy weights in the industry with Bill, Will Slickers, Bill Faith, Will Slickers, Sean Moore and Tim

Jasper Ribbers (09:56.042)
badass panel that we were on. It was a great discussion that we had. So shout out to Tim Herbert for organizing that. But I think we talked for an hour and a half and I think one of the biggest takeaways and that every single one of us agrees on is that we no longer can run an Airbnb business without being focused on all the different aspects of our business and really taking it serious, right? Really focusing on how do we create

experience, how do we market outside of just the OTAs? How do we market our properties to the world? How do we stay on the radar of the guests that have already stayed with us so that they will come back? How do we create a relationship with our guests? There's so many aspects. Operations is a whole.

different area to focus on, right? We have to really take all the aspects of our business serious if we wanna be successful going forward in the short term rental industry. So revenue management is a big part of that and we just recognized that there is not a lot of education on this topic and we've kind of asked a lot of hosts in our community, like our students and our private clients. We ask them that question of like,

Jasper Ribbers (11:18.057)
And we just noticed that there's so much room for improvement for a lot of hosts, which is why we created a number of resources.

If you go to getpaidforyourpad.com slash cash, then you'll be able to download a free ebook. You'll also be able to watch a free training that we've put together that Eric and I did a week and a half ago or something that we got really good feedback on. So if you go to getpaidforyourpad.com slash cash, you'll be able to download the ebook. You'll also be able to watch the replay of that training that we did. So those are two resources that I

for everybody out there, unless you're in category three, unless you feel like revenue management for you is a strong area of focus where you spend time every single day, you really maximize your revenue. If that's not the case, then I would highly recommend grab our ebook, watch our training. And then for those of you who really wanna take it to the next level when it comes to revenue management, check out our new course. We've put together a 12 week

program essentially where we're going deep into setting up your pricing tool. What are actually how do these things actually work? What are all the different settings? What do they mean? Right and then when it comes to the research and evaluating the performance of your units, where's the data that you should be looking at? What does all this stuff mean? Right booking window and booking curve and lead time and pacing. It's all it's not okay so

It sounds complicated, but it's actually a lot easier than you think. If you actually understand what all this stuff means, and if you actually know what numbers to look at and then how to base decisions on that, right? Should we lower our prices for the next two weeks? Should we change our minimum stay settings for the next month or for the low season or for the high season, right? There's a lot of decisions that you have to make that can really drive additional revenue, but if you don't know what numbers to look at and how to make decisions

Jasper Ribbers (13:22.736)
on those numbers then it's you're basically like driving in the dark right you don't really know what you're doing and then what the result usually is that most what most hosts do is in that category to set it forget it price to host is they essentially just put a bass price they put some settings in there and then they just kind of let it do its thing which is you know it's fine but you know you could do a lot better than that

So that's why we created this course. It includes a 12 week learning program where we go deep into all this stuff. And then also we have support calls on Zoom and we have a private Facebook group that we put everybody into. So if you're interested in this program, we have a Founders Club, which basically means that the first 25 people that join this program are gonna be part of the Founders Club, which means that they're gonna get a discount

program so you can get a $1,000 discount if you want to be part of the founders club. I think we're at like 15, 16, maybe 17 people so far so there's a few of those tickets left. If you want more information on this go to getpaidforyourpad.com

Cache Flow Mastery. You will be able to find all the information about this course, what we're going to cover, the format of the course, how to join, all that good stuff. So go check that out. And then last but not least.

We are going to the VRMA. If you don't know what the VRMA is, it's the largest conference in the short-term rental industry. It's where everybody from all around the world, all the property managers, all the vendors, the price labs, the host release, the hostaways, like all the technology companies are there and they all want your business so they give you free drinks and they throw parties and it's a lot of fun. Okay so VRMA.org, it starts in nine days. So Sunday

Jasper Ribbers (15:21.948)
the 22nd. It's in Orlando. It's in one of those big Disney resorts. Right? So if you yeah if you've never been to the VR Marais and you want to you know you take your Airbnb business serious then I highly recommend to grab a ticket and let us know if you're out there so we can meet you in person.

We haven't been in a conference for years. I think it was like 2020, right after COVID, that Eric and I went to VRMA in New Orleans. And it was definitely a blast. It's a great networking opportunity. Because in the end of the day, we're business owners, we're entrepreneurs, and we need to rely on each other. We need to rely on the community.

You know, to, to know, uh, to grow and to learn. Um, that was another topic on this panel that I was just at. And I think everybody agrees with this as well. Like don't try to figure everything out by yourself. Um, Bill who was on the panel said it, he said, uh, everybody needs a coach. And I a hundred percent agree with that. Um, everybody can learn. Right. And you can avoid a lot of mistakes by learning from somebody. I always have coaches, Eric always has coaches. And I think everybody who was on the panel has a coach.

as well. So I think that's really important. So VRMA, if you're going, let us know. Just shoot me an email.

Or just hit me up on Instagram. Since we started putting out the reels and now I'm getting a lot of messages on Instagram. So I'm checking my message. I used to never check those messages. And sometimes I would have a message from six months ago and somebody would be like, hey, I want to join Legends X. And I was like, oh, oops, I missed that one. But now I check it every day. So, you know, be sure you can reach out to my personal Instagram, Jasper Rivers, or my Get Paid for Your Pat Instagram as well.

Jasper Ribbers (17:09.258)
All right, so onto the real content for today. I got a number of questions that I wanted to address. So thanks, everybody, for sending out those questions. That's really helpful, because then I know what to talk about. All right, question number one. Mary, how much time should I spend on revenue management on a daily basis? That's a good question. I would say most importantly,

Spend some time on it every single day. Okay. I know you're busy. You might have a full-time job I know you yeah, you might have kids you have a husband a wife Dog, you know, there's a lot of stuff going on in your life. But I would my biggest recommendation would be like Even if it's 10 minutes get in the habit Open up your pricing app. Look at your bookings. Look at the market look at

everything that's in there, right? And I know it's a little overwhelming at first. So maybe just look at a couple things. Maybe just look at occupancy trends in your market. Most of the pricing apps will show that data. Look at your occupancy levels, right? The next 15 days out, next 30, next 60, next 90 days out. What's your occupancy, right? Use that as a guide to add some, maybe add like a 10% price discount

Jasper Ribbers (18:34.221)
Also, looking at those numbers on a daily basis is going to give you a little clue as to if there's potentially something wrong with your listing. Client that I'm working with right now.

He had several listings that had no bookings at all or hardly any bookings. Right. And yeah, it's low season in his market. So he's like, yeah, it's usually the case, you know, October, November, we just don't get a lot of bookings. But then we looked at the listing and we actually found out that there was a couple major flaws on his listing that, uh, that caused the listing to be very low in the search results. So once we fixed those, those issues, now the listings are actually on the first page and suddenly one of those listings is now the most booked listing

has in his portfolio. So if you don't look at the data every single day then you're not going to notice this stuff right. So it's very important now how much time

Well, you know, I'm, I'm super passionate about revenue management. I'm a, I'm a nerd. I'm a math person. So I love numbers. I love graphs. So for me, I would love to spend the whole day just looking at the numbers. You know, that's what I love doing, but you know, there's a good chance that you're not like me and you might hate numbers. You might hate graphs. Um, but you got to.

You know, I would say at least start with like 15 to 30 minutes if you can and make this a priority because this can make you some extra money, you know. And right now.

Jasper Ribbers (20:00.554)
As we all know, it's no longer the case that you can just throw a listing on Airbnb and sit back and make money. That's not how it work anymore. You got to focus on all the different aspects in your business and revenue management is a very important aspect because at the end of the day, that's what drives your business. Right. The goal of a business to make a profit. Well, guess what? Profit is revenue minus expenses. Right. So there's two ways to increase your profit. There's two ways. You reduce expenses or you raise your revenue.

What's great about raising your revenue is that the extra revenue that you generate is straight. It's profit. It's pure profit because there's no additional expenses, right? You sitting at your, at your laptop for 30 minutes a day, looking at your data and making adjustments and your pricing tool, that's not going, Pricelab is not going to charge you an extra a hundred dollars for that, right? There's no additional expense. So it's like net profit straight into your pocket, except for like maybe Texas and, you know, TUT, tax, whatever.

But you get the point. It's additional revenue that you don't have to spend any money to get it. If you want to expand your portfolio, you have to spend money on marketing. And there's a lot of expenses that come with that.

If you want to like, you know, increase the experience, right? You add a hotsop, right? That costs money, right? That increases revenue, but it costs money. Revenue management focusing on it doesn't cost you anything. Actually, it just costs a little bit of time, but that's, that's time well invested because you're going to learn from it and you're going to get better over time. Now revenue management is not something that you can learn in a week. Okay. I can, I mean, I know everybody's always looking for the magic, the magic pill or the magic bullet or whatever it is. Uh, and like, you know,

the secret tip to increase your revenue 10%, 20%, 30%, but the reality is.

Jasper Ribbers (21:54.206)
It's a learning process, right? It takes time for you to really understand your market, to understand the demand fluctuations, right? You gotta do trial and error, right? Or you see that you're occupied quite a bit, raise your prices and keep close watch on your bookings and see like, hey, did this really influence how am I the demand or am I still getting the same amount of bookings as before? Or, you know, it's suddenly like my ranking has dropped because I raised this price, right?

And when you do this on a day-to-day basis and you make notes, so you keep track of the changes that you make, and then you evaluate, that's how you're going to learn. OK, so Mary, long answer to your short question. How much time should I spend? Just spend some time every single day, preferably at least 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how many units you have. If you have one unit, 10 minutes a day is probably enough. If you have 50 units, you might want to spend an hour.

or maybe like two hours even. That leads me into the next question. Bo, one of our Legend's X students, actually she asked, what are some things that I can outsource to my virtual assistants when it comes to revenue management, right? What can they do and what should I be doing? That's a great question. Because if you have a large portfolio, you're not gonna have the time to really dig into the details of every single listing, every single day.

right, because then you'll be spending eight hours a day and then you can't do anything else. So it's a very good idea to have a virtual assistant and outsource some of this stuff to the virtual assistant, which is possible. The VA can, for example, pull reports from

from AirDNA or pool reports from your pricing tool or from Rank Breeze or from Intellihost or for any tool that you use they can gather the data for you right so that you can just look at the numbers that you want to look at

Jasper Ribbers (23:54.398)
and you can then make the decisions that you want to do, right? Versus you having to pull all the data out together. So having your VA create a little report for you that you can use to easily base your decisions on is a really good idea. But what I would say is if you're not in the process of doing revenue management on a day-to-day basis, do it yourself for the first few months, right? Because you've got to learn. Once you have

a strategy in place where it's like okay

I'm looking at my occupancy, I'm looking at the demand curve. So I'm looking at how many, you know, for certain periods in the future, how many booking, how much is the market booked already compared to last year? Are we pacing ahead, are we pacing behind? What was the final occupancy last year? What is it shaping up to be for this year? Based on that information, in your own occupancy levels, you can then create a sort of a logic where you say, okay, if I am 10% behind or 20% behind,

I'm going to lower prices by x or I'm going to set the minimum sale restriction from free to two. Right? You can create those rules, those rule sets essentially. And then over time

Once you have that strategy down and you've had the time to learn and to evaluate and to trial and error and to test different things, then you can think about training your VA to do this work for you. But you can't just give it to your VA right away because your VA will have no idea what to do. Okay, so you got to own first the strategy, the process. Once you've done that,

Jasper Ribbers (25:32.146)
everything except for the most important decision making, you could probably pass that off to your virtual assistant. So I hope that makes sense. Let's go to question number three. This is a really great question from Tommy. Oh, this is question number two, by the way. No, it's question number three. OK. So Tommy asked a very, very good question. He says, uh,

One thing I'd like to figure out more is around occupancy pacing, considering real-time data instead of historical. That's a very good question because what a lot of people do is they look at their current occupancy compared to their own occupancy last year. So let me give an example because this might be a little confusing. All right, so let's say, let's just take the

Jasper Ribbers (26:25.686)
Don't walk in unevenly letters today. Stay away from the black cats. So let's say we're looking at November. We're looking at the month of November. And we look at our occupancy for November. And we see that for a certain listing, we are 20% occupied for November. Now, we look at last year on this date. So.

October 13th, 2022, how many bookings did we have for November? Right? Now, if, if last year we were 30%, then we know that we're behind, and we show we might want to lower our prices a little bit. Vice versa, if we're already at, let's say 40%, then we know, oh, we might be able to raise our prices a little bit because we are pacing ahead of last year, right? So that's what that means.

Now that's great, but there's some challenges with that approach. Challenge number one is the booking window may have changed, right? So last year, maybe on average, people were booking 40 days out. And now on average, maybe people are booking 30 days or 20 days out. So maybe…

the booking window might have changed, the lead time might have changed, which actually I think it had. It has changed, you know, because I think people are booking further out into the future, it seems like. So…

Well, it's very market dependent. That's general. Let me take that back because that's too much of a general statement, but at least like what I see in our markets, it seems like people are booking a little further out, but anyway, so if the booking window changes, then you know, the, you, you don't necessarily want to base your prices on last year's, uh, pacing, you want to look at how the market is spacing now. So you actually want to look at, okay. Look at.

Jasper Ribbers (28:26.99)
November, look at how much of the market has been, what percentage of units in your marketplace have been booked for November right now, and compare that to last year. You know, most pricing tools have this data.

So you can actually look at that. So you can look at like, Hey, is, and when I say the market, I mean, the comps set, right? So I mean, a set of listings that are similar to yours, right? Cause if you have a one bedroom studio, you don't, you don't really care what the five bedroom large home does. Uh, you also don't care what a unit does. That's like, you know, 10 miles from you and is in a forest versus you're in the downtown area. Right? So you got to compare apples to apples.

Yeah, you can find that data in your pricing tool. So you can actually base your prices of the current pacing. So you look at how much of the market has been booked already now compared to last year, not just your own listing. So I think that's a.

That's one way where you can really improve that strategy. So I hope this makes sense because I totally understand if you're not familiar with revenue management, you might be listening now and thinking, what on earth is he talking about? But anyway, I hope this makes sense. And yeah, if you have any questions on this, just hit me up on Instagram or you can email us at team at overnightsuccess.io. And with that said.

I'm going to wrap up this podcast. These were the three questions that I wanted to cover. So again, a couple announcements. Number one is VRMA. If you are going and you're listening to this podcast, love to meet you. So let us know. Number two is checkout free wild.

Jasper Ribbers (30:22.762)
f-r-e-e-w-y-l-d.com. You can put your email in there too. Now here's a little tip for you. One thing that we were just talking on this panel about, which I think is very, very true, is we have to market to our past guests, right? There's one law in marketing that says that your hottest lead is the person who's already purchased from you in the past. So it's crazy.

It's crazy not to use that lever to increase your revenue. That's also kind of part of revenue management is that. It's really like in the marketing department, but it's a way to increase your revenue. Anyway, the reason why I mentioned this is most hosts do not market to the past guests because they don't know how to set it up. You have to use like an autoresponder, you have to collect the emails. So there's a couple of steps involved. It's not really that difficult.

You know, it's really not that difficult. But once you've got that set up, then the question is, what are you going to write about? Right. That's where most hosts get stuck. They're like, well, I don't know what to write. I don't have the time, et cetera, et cetera. But it's a huge marketing tool. So you should definitely leverage it. So if you sign up for our, our email list at freewall.com, then you're going to receive our emails probably like once a week, once two weeks, you get an email.

where we talk about what's happening with our properties. We talk about what we're doing in our business. We talk about different events that are going on in our area. We talk about maybe case studies of our guests that had a great experience and talk about the values of our company and how we're inspiring people to disconnect from their devices. Maybe we'll talk about.

Tips on what to do without your iPhone or without your iPad or without your laptop, right? How to spend quality time without devices, right? Educating, inspiring. So that's the type of content that we're gonna send out. So you can use that as inspiration to create your own email marketing campaigns to your own past guests, right? Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Model what other people are doing, right? There's nothing wrong about that.

Jasper Ribbers (32:38.466)
So get some inspiration. So go to freewell.com, put in your email, and then you'll receive our marketing emails. Then also our new course, Kesslow Mastery. If you want more information on that.

go to getpaidfreepad.com slash cashflowmastery, one word, no dashes or anything like that. You'll find all the information on the page. We literally just kicked off the program. We have a few spots left for the Founders Club where you can get a thousand dollars off for that. All right, with that said.

That was it for today. So happy, happy Friday. I hope you have a great weekend. Hope to see you at the VRMA. And with that said, we'll be back with more episodes in the next couple of weeks. Peace.

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