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Scale Your Airbnb Business by Building Relationships – with Liam Carolan (Ep388)

To scale a short-term rental business, you need more properties. And the best way to expand your portfolio is to build relationships with the right people. People who can help you find new units to manage. So, who should STR operators be connecting with? And how do we go about building those relationships?

Liam Carolan is the short-term rental expert behind Ginger & Gold, a property management company out of Norwich in England’s Norfolk County. Liam started hosting on Airbnb in January of 2019, and today, he and his partner have a 10-unit portfolio of master lease and management properties. Liam is also a member of our Legends X community.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Liam joins me to explain how he builds rapport with letting agents, challenging STR operators to get out of our comfort zone and provide value before we go for the ask. He explores who to build relationships with as you scale and how to build trust by considering what’s important to the other person and following up on what you say you’re going to do. Listen in for Liam’s insight on being clear about what you want and learn how to leverage relationships to find new properties and scale your STR business!

Topics Covered

How Liam got into short-term rentals

  • Wanted to spend more time with son
  • Found mentor doing master leasing

How Liam builds rapport with letting agents

  • Drop into office multiple times
  • Explain how you can help them

Who to build relationships with as you scale 

  • Letting agents
  • Local property networking groups
  • Other local STR operators

How to build trust in a business relationship

  • Follow up on what you say you’ll do
  • Demonstrate competence
  • Put yourself in their mindset
  • Lean on transferable skills
  • Tell stories, real world examples

The value in being clear about what you want

  • Easier for letting agent to help you
  • Create preferred investment area map 

Why Liam joined the Legends X program

  • Help with focus
  • Strategies to scale up business

What Liam has learned in Legends X

  • Leverage values to make decisions
  • Build detailed playbook of processes
  • Power of bold brand promise

Connect with Liam

Ginger & Gold

Liam on LinkedIn 


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