Setting Up Your Airbnb Listing for Faster Profits (Ep434)

Setting Up Your Airbnb Listing for Faster Profits (Ep434)

How do you set up a new Airbnb listing to earn a profit right away?

Whether you’re just getting started as a host or adding a new listing to your short-term rental portfolio, there are a few simple strategies you can use to make more, more quickly.

Kelvin Mah is the Founder and CEO of Rankbreeze, the premiere Airbnb optimization toolkit and rank tracker. Rankbreeze offers software and services to help STR managers improve search visibility and conversion on Airbnb.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Kelvin joins me to share his five-step framework for faster profits, explaining how to decide where to invest in a new Airbnb listing and when to launch a new property.

He offers advice on choosing your first five photos and deciding what to say in your listing description, challenging hosts to include amenities and points of interest to optimize a title for search.

Listen in for Kelvin’s insight on how to price a new Airbnb listing and learn his top strategies for ‘throwing your weight around’ to get more bookings at your new STR property!

Topics Covered

Kelvin’s 5-step framework for faster profits

  1. Where to invest
  2. When to launch
  3. What to use in title and description
  4. How to price property
  5. Throw your weight around

How to decide where to invest

  • Consider local short-term rental regulations
  • Choose market with strong future demand
  • Conduct top-level city search on Airbnb

How to decide when to launch

  • Research overall demand on Google Trends
  • Launch 30 to 60 days before busy season

Kelvin’s advice on what to use in your listing title

  • Strong call-to-action (e.g.: new, renovated)
  • Include amenities and points of interest

How to choose pictures for your listing photo grid

  • Use 5 BEST photos
  • Variety is helpful

Kelvin’s advice on pricing your new property

  • Start with ‘break-even pricing’
  • Raise prices for weekends and busy season
  • Consider dynamic or signal-based pricing

Kelvin’s top strategies for getting more bookings

  • Adjust photos based on season
  • Leverage SEO campaigns
  • Offer freebie for weekday booking
  • Split property into parent and child listings
  • Ask guests to come earlier or stay longer
  • Invite guests to return to property

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