EP039: The Sharing Economy: Meal Sharing, Car Sharing, Dog Sitting And More

EP039- The Sharing Economy- Meal Sharing, Car Sharing, Dog Sitting And More

EP039: The Sharing Economy: Meal Sharing, Car Sharing, Dog Sitting And More

Airbnb is about sharing, meeting people and making money. Today we talk about other opportunities for Airbnb hosts in the sharing economy. Awareness for these platforms is still very low. Even Airbnb is only known by less than 1% of the world's population!

This episode contains an overview of all the different platforms that are around, from meal sharing, car sharing, dog sitting to teaching and tutoring and many more. Check it out and take advantage of all the opportunities that are out there!

Meal sharing

Car Sharing

Number one concern: what happens if my car get damaged? No worries, these platforms all have collective insurance policies in place to cover you.

Ride Sharing

Parking & Deliveries

Shared Parking: Just Park

Dog sitting


Musical Instruments Rentals


Simple jobs


Local tour guide

Anyone can create an experience on Vayable! Sign up at Vayable.


If babysitting is your thing, you can find a job at Urbansitter.

Teaching and Tutoring

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