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The Short-Term Rental Ecosystem (Ep 295)

Vacation rentals have been around for a long time. But the advent of Airbnb put the industry on our radar in a new way, inspiring significant growth and change. And today, there’s an entire ecosystem of bespoke products and services that cater to the multibillion-dollar short-term rental (STR) industry.

Evian Gutman is the Founder and CEO of Padlifter, the world’s largest marketplace of STR service providers. Evian created the platform to connect businesses in the Airbnb ecosystem with their target customers. Padlifter provides the most comprehensive directory of short-term and vacation rental service providers globally, enabling hosts to find the right services in the right place at the right time.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Evian joins us to discuss the development of the Airbnb ecosystem, explaining how the products and services have evolved with the expansion of the STR space. He describes several traditional industries that have adapted their offerings to serve the vacation rental industry and offers insight around the most innovative collaborations in the network. Listen in for insight around the potential for Airbnb to allow listing videos and learn how Padlifter connects stakeholders in the STR industry!

Topics Covered

How the Airbnb ecosystem developed

  • Vacation rentals on people’s radar with Airbnb
  • Expansion to multiple booking platforms
  • Increasing number of services to meet demand
  • 115K vacation rental companies worldwide

The evolution of the STR industry

  • Decrease in average length of stay (4 nights)
  • Destination vs. urban travel to replace hotel

Why hosts list on multiple channels

  • Additional exposure, marketing opportunity
  • Availability of channel management software

Traditional services that evolved to specialize in STR

  • Copywriting, listing optimization
  • Data and investment support
  • Luggage and parcel services

Evian’s insight around the most innovative companies

  • Right product for right person in right place
  • Collaborations, all-inclusive services (i.e.: property manager with in-house turnover)

The potential for Airbnb to allow video

  • Higher expectations around Airbnb Luxe
  • Integration of video likely to trickle down

How Padlifter serves the STR industry

  • World’s largest marketplace of service providers
  • Connect businesses with target audience
  • Simplify lives of hosts, make more money
  • Connect stakeholders (verification, reliability)

Connect with Evian

Padlifter Evian on LinkedIn


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