Updates on my short term rental investments (Ep262)

Updates on my short term rental investments (Ep262)

My short term rental airbnb investments

I have invested in three short term rental properties after I sold my apartment in Amsterdam in 2017. In today's podcast I provide an update on these investments.

The properties are:

*Penthouse in Cali, Colombia
*Studio Villa in Carabao, the Philippines
*Studio in a condo in Bang Saray, Thailand (blog post coming soon)

I also go over the three most important decision factors I used to select these properties:

  1. Short term rental regulations (now and future)
  2. Amount of time I can see myself spending at the property
  3. Expected return on investment (10%+)

I share updates on the construction of the properties as well as the results so far and what my expectations are.

For an overview of the three properties check out my investments.

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  1. Taione Sikivou says:


    I have a question, i live in Fiji Islands and AirBnB is starting to take off here with still lots of room for growth.
    My question is what lessons or things can we take advantage in new and upcoming markets where there is a lack of regulations? What things can we learn from other markets that are now saturated or tightly regulated e.g US and how they developed. What are some of the key warning signs that regulations may be upcoming in future? Because hotel industry is pretty big in my country and i feel they may want to get regulations as soon as possible.

    • Jasper says:

      Good question, regulated markets usually restrict the amount of days you can rent entire properties, typically 30 to 90 days. That means you need to be on multiple platforms. Sometimes you need a permit, so keep an eye out for the application process if that´s the case. Also entire units are more restricted than single rooms and condo units are more restricted than separate houses.

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