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Stand out on Airbnb with Extremely Themed Units (Ep480)

In this economy, traveling millennials and more are flocking to destinations based on their desire to fill their social feeds with swoon-worthy pictures from Instagrammable destinations.

Late to the Airbnb game but ready to take the plunge, my guest Jeff Brown, the Co-Founder at Loma Homes, did the research, and the results told them Orlando was the place to be with excellent profitability potential.

But upon closer inspection, they found out there were 10s of thousands of vacation rentals in the highly competitive theme park mecca. To stand out and be competitive, they would need to differentiate their units in a BIG way.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Jeff joins me to share how Loma Homes partnered with specialty contractors to create their sought-after properties. With names such as Once Upon a Castle and Pirates Pearl and showcasing amenities such as a Cinderella carriage bed and Southern-style wraparound balconies, Jeff and his team have taken leveraging Instagram-worthy destinations to a new level.

Listen in as Jeff walks us through some affordable ways STR hosts can add a theme to a unit to give it that photo-worthy luxury quality without breaking the bank. Plus, he shares his insight into the opportunities available in the current Airbnb model and why now is still an excellent time for entrepreneurs and investors to jump into the STR market.

Topics Covered

  • How Jeff and his team worked with custom contractors to create custom beds, fog machines, and lighting effects for their themed units
  • Why location, location, location is more important now than ever
  • How to invest in resort areas with high seasons for peak income flow
  • Jeff’s take on the current opportunities available in the Airbnb model
  • What Loma Homes is working on now to compete in the current market and beyond
  • Why Jeff thinks now might be the perfect time to jump into the STR market

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