STR Legends Mastermind Last Call for Applications (Ep467)

STR Legends Mastermind Last Call for Applications (Ep467)


There are just a few spots left open in the STR Legends Mastermind!

The STR space has changed and evolved in the past two years. We’ve gone from not knowing if the industry would survive the pandemic to industry movers and shakers growing from 50 units to 500. There are more professional operators, companies, and entrepreneurs than ever in the STR space, which means more people to network with and learn from.

Those changes have shaped the vision of the STR Legends Mastermind and inspired us to take both the live events and the virtual masterminds to the NEXT LEVEL.

Listen in to this episode of STR conversations as Eric and I break down our vision for the STR Legends Mastermind. We’ll take you behind the scenes for a look at who has joined us so far to give our listeners a feel for the mix of unique investors that will be in the room with us in Oaxaca, Mexico, June 16th – 20th, 2022.

We also bring you up to date on the exciting NEW things we’re doing, including the relaunch of our YouTube channel to document the journey of our Freewyld brand. Plus, I share a money-saving tip for those getting ready to book their ticket to Mexico.

Topics Covered

  • The purpose of the STR Legends Mastermind
  • The 3 types of short-term rental business owners the STR Legends Mastermind is designed for
  • How participants in previous STR Legends Masterminds have partnered to create bigger brands
  • Why the connections in a mastermind are more worthwhile than Facebook groups
  • How advice from the mastermind saved one participant thousands of dollars and helped him better utilize the skills of the key players on his team
  • The biggest benefit of spending one-on-one time with legends in the STR industry


STR Legends Mastermind

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