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STR Legends Live Mastermind Retreat in Puerto Rico (Ep 278)

There are any number of forums and online groups for short-term rental hosts. But Airbnb operators who manage 25-plus listings don’t seem to have a community where they can share the unique challenges of scaling and managing a vacation rental business with multiple units. Enter STR Legends Live Mastermind Retreat, an epic live event planned for this summer in Puerto Rico.

A master at organizing live and online events, Eric Moeller is the host of the Airbnb Mastery Summit, a platform where he interviews top experts in short-term rentals and real estate from around the world, and the creator of Cohost Mastery. In addition, he serves as the founder and CEO of Homtel, a luxury, short-term rental leasing and hosting company out of California. Eric also happens to be helping me cohost the upcoming STR Legends Live Mastermind June 27 through July 1, 2019.

Today, Eric and I explain why we organized STR Legends Live, describing the need for a community of established operators focused on scaling a professional short-term rental business. We discuss the topics covered at the retreat, who can apply, and what attendees can expect at the event—including a villa on the beach, personal chef and mind-blowing excursion. Listen in for insight around how you can benefit from the mastermind (even if you can’t attend) and learn how getting involved in a community of operators can help you grow your own Airbnb business!

Topics Covered

The impetus behind STR Legends Live

  • Community for established operators of multiple units
  • Focus on growing professional business, finding clients
  • Opportunity to network + share ideas and challenges

The topics we’ll cover at the retreat

  • Best tech to manage calendars, pricing, etc.
  • Growth challenges, strategies to scale business

Who’s invited to apply for the event

  • Operators with 25+ units in position of growth
  • Property managers and developers

The sponsors and presenters scheduled for STR Legends Live

The particulars of STR Legends Live in Puerto Rico

  • 11BR villa on beach near San Juan
  • Runs from June 27 to July 1
  • $3500 all-inclusive fee ($1K deposit)

How small operators can get involved in STR Legends Live

  • Introduce lead for all-access pass to content
  • $250 reward if lead chooses to attend

Connect with Eric

Cohost Mastery

Airbnb Mastery Summit

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STR Legends Live Retreat

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