How to Streamline Your Airbnb Guest Communications (Ep 294)

How to Streamline Your Airbnb Guest Communications (Ep 294)

A lot of short-term rental hosts underestimate the power of effective guest communication. How well you convey the information your guests need has a big influence on their experience. And that, in turn, impacts the reviews they leave you on Airbnb. So, what does good guest communication look like? How often should you message your guests? And WHEN is the best time to send WHAT information? Today, I’m sharing an edited version of my Hospitable Webinar on how to streamline your Airbnb guest communication. I explain why it’s crucial to communicate clearly with STR guests and offer advice on building relationships with voice notes and video. I walk you through the five aspects of successful Airbnb guest communication, discussing how to provide objective information that’s easy to understand—when the guest actually needs it. Listen in for an outline of my guest communication flow and learn how often to communicate with guests before, during and after their stay!

Topics Covered

Why guest communication is crucial on Airbnb

  • Influences guest experience
  • No industry standards like hotel

The reasons for communicating with Airbnb guests

  • Provide information, facilitate optimal stay
  • Build relationship (more forgiving review)

How we communicate as human beings

  • Words only small part of message
  • Tone, body language more important

Tips for building relationships with guests remotely

  • Phone call and/or send voice notes
  • Send short video if can’t meet in person

The 5 aspects of successful Airbnb guest communication

  1. Accuracy—objective information (e.g.: WiFi speed test)
  2. Timeliness—respond quickly + send info when need it
  3. Digestibility—present info in concise, appealing way
  4. Frequency—send most important info multiple times
  5. Comprehensiveness—provide ALL info guest needs

My Airbnb guest communication flow

  • Send welcome message immediately after booking
  • Deliver check-in instructions few days before stay
  • Resend address, check-in instructions as flight lands
  • Welcome + resend WiFi password just after check-in

How often to communicate with guests during their stay

  • Reach out few hours after arrival for feedback
  • Message guest morning after first night
  • Check in every 3 or 4 days after that

Communicating with Airbnb guests after their stay

  • Send thank you immediately after check-out
  • Review guest right away, ask to reciprocate
  • Remind guest to submit review after week
  • Final reminder day before window closes



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